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No pain this period - excercise and pain killers could be the way forward!


Hi all so I'm amazed and shocked I've had no pain this period which is unheard of! I've taken to the gym last couple of months and am doing a mixture of weights and cardio I'm overweight so no gym bunny by any means. I've excercised right up until I came on. I've also took naproxen and codeine a bit in last couple of days. Not had an ounce of pain or bloating. Also strange my blood is bright vibrant red looks very healthy and no clots!!! I am thinking the excercise plus pain killers has maybe helped me turn a corner???? I have stage 4 endo bowel and bladder fused to uterus and ovaries and fused behind. Anyone else found excercise helped and any ideas why my blood colour has changed and no clots this month?

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glad to hear you are feeling better. I also had less pain and blood with my last cycle and had been at the gym more. I think maybe exercise can help reduce inflammation and pain, plus you pre-loaded your painkillers?

Yes Doctor advised to start taking pain killers couple of days before period starts. I never took loads though and not religiously like every fours hours. I'm so amazed it's been the best period over had in years. No clots either and didn't seem to last as long. I can't nail down what one thing has causef the relief or if it was a mixture all I know is I need to keep it up!

Hello again nats'....Glad you feel better. I've been thinking to try taking the painkillers little early before pain starts to happen. Had started some excersize at home too. Will let you know if it works for me too x

Yes please do let me know my last period was a breeze just wish I had been doing it for last three yeats. Never liked excercise buy it does help alot of ailments and well-being and the painkillers a day or so before you due on

hi. I read that with interest, as I have stage 4 to, I used to be very active and did a lot of running but in the last few years I've not managed much I was only thinking the other day it might help as I did love it. Have you had surgery for it? Xx

No surgery as yet just a diagnostic lap on 15th January going to see the endo specialist on 7th June so hoping for some answers then. The gynaecologist recommended hysterectomy but I am hoping and praying I don't need that as would like another baby but if so then will go with it as I hate thinking this condition could control my life

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