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What is a ‘normal’ period vs. An endo period?


My periods usually last between 5-7 days.

They are at their heaviest in the first two days and then will get pretty light, the last couple of days all I will need is a panty liner.

(Sorry if TMI) I have had blood clots in the past however it has never been something that’s alarmed me.

In regard to the pain. I do get cramps in the first couple of days. I would never miss uni or work it. If it is particularly uncomfortable a paracetamol will usually get it done. The way I would describe the pain is achy, as if I’ve been too hard at the gym. The pains are usually worse when I’m not doing anything, if I was out and about I usually forget.

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Everyone’s pain threshold is different and some people with lots of endo have no pain so I guess it’s different for everyone my periods sound like yours I used to be nipping off at work cause of pain and filling pads but not as much now I have it under control I used to have pain all cycle but I don’t now and no longer need pain meds.im also like you if I’m busy less pain but I see that as me blocking out the pain not that it isn’t there

BRYAS in reply to Afrohair

My period were bad when I was younger but I feel like I have outgrown them? I mainly wanted to know whether these sounded like a period of someone who suffered with endo?

If you don’t mind me asking, do you suffer with it?

I haven’t been diagnosed with endo btw but have been to the doctors with on and pelvic pain however multiple doctors (and I’ve been to about 4), one gave me an ultrasound and found a simple cyst which is what was causing me the pain. All four doctors have all told me it’s not endo but I suffer with heath anxiety and freak myself out.

Afrohair in reply to BRYAS

I have endo yes.if your periods have got better it may not be endo as your periods wouldn’t get better they would get worse and a simple cyst is nothing to worry about we all get those now and again .if you had endo I wouldn’t think your pain would be on and off it comes with every period and right up to it the pain is so bad you really wouldn’t doubt yourself having it that’s how bad it is .i saw an endometriosis specialist who confirmed I have it as he felt endometrial lesions in my vagina.are any of the gynaecologist you have seen specialist in endometriosis?if so and they say they don’t think you have it it could be a possibility it’s something else pelvic inflammatory disease or another pelvic disease maybe

BRYAS in reply to Afrohair

They have gotten so much better over the years!

And I don’t think any of them were endo specialists but one of them was a gynaecologist and she was the one who gave me the diagnostic ultrasound. She said my pelvic pain was due to the cyst, which she think comes and goes, causing irritation. The pelvic pain isn’t awful it’s just irritating and annoying really.

I did air my concerns with her and she seemed pretty confident that I didn’t have it as my symptoms don’t ‘match’ but my anxiety means I doubt everything.

Afrohair in reply to BRYAS

Maybe you should see an specialist to know for sure as there is no one size fits all in regards to periods

Lapinblanc88 in reply to BRYAS

A word of caution here... I have extensive stage 4 endo and my periods have been getting lighter ( 2days with light flow) . In my 20's it used to be heavy and last a week.

Also my pains were worst when I was a teenager .and then mid 30's .Since I've been on the auto immune diet the pain is very manageable to the point where I don't have to take any painkillers.

But the pain varies each month. Also with my diet and quality of sleep

So endometriosis doesn't always mean heavy and painful periods

Same, mine only last on average 3 days but the pain is incredible. My pain peaks at ovulation though and lasts for about 2 weeks

Hi there, I have diagnosed endometriosis and adenomyosis and I know many many women all diagnosed with endo and just wanted to let you know that the common theme with endometriosis and periods is that there is no common theme.

You can have pain that comes and goes. You can have pain that randomly improves month to month and then gets worse. There is literally no standard period for women with endometriosis.

I have had periods that went on heavy and clots for 10 days one month to barely there for 2 days next month.

Your best bet to actually find out if you have it, and not just speculate (because you could have any other condition that needs investigating) is to get referred to a gynae with a special interest in endo and go from there. There are Nice guidelines that need to be followed and you have described enough symptoms that would warrant a referal to a gynae with a special interest in endo.

Its really important to start the journey to diagnosis or to rule it out as some people go years assuming they have it because of symptoms but in actual fact it can be something else.

In the interim I would suggest keeping a symptom/period/pain journal. Or have a google for some apps that help you track them. You may find there is a pattern that you may be overlooking but it's not always the case.

Take lots of care.

I would agree with getting it checked out. I spent years and years putting up with period pain and managing with otc painkillers.

I’m in a position now that I’m trying not to regret.

The consultant when I first saw them asked me if I had clots as well and said yes, I’d thought it was just part of the period.

See someone that has plenty of experience, not to say that cure diagnosis isn’t relevant.

BRYAS in reply to Endocapades

I have seen a gynaecologist who gave me a diagnostic scan and they found a cyst, she said it was a simple’ cyst and nothing to worry about.

Although she’s not a endo specialist she did however say it was highly unlikely I had it.

When I mentioned a lap (as I know that’s the only way to see 100%) she said the chances of me having a complication due to the app is higher than the chance of me actually having Endo. But I suffer really badly with health anxiety and doubt everything anyone says.

In regard to the cyst, I go back in 6 weeks so they can make sure it goes. I will probably mention endo again to her then

QueenOfRats in reply to BRYAS

I'd probably recommend seeing what happens to the pain during the treatment of the cyst. If the pain's still there afterwards, it could be worth pursuing a laparoscopy.

In the meantime, are you being treated for your health anxiety? I know it's difficult to get therapy appointments at the moment but talking through your feelings with your therapist might help to put them in context for you.

BRYAS in reply to QueenOfRats

I haven’t at the moment and I will probably wait for all of this to blow over before I do.

forums such as these don’t really help and they can make me worry more.

I know I should trust the medical professionals (I’ve seen about 6 people and they’ve all said the same thing) however I can help but worry they’ve made a mistake

QueenOfRats in reply to BRYAS

Sounds like you've hit the nail on the head there - it might be worth staying away from health forums for a while until you can see a therapist, especially while we're all trapped inside with nothing to do. I hope you get to see someone soon after the lockdown has lifted!

BRYAS in reply to QueenOfRats

Thank you so much for the help, I really appreciate it!

QueenOfRats in reply to BRYAS

You're welcome! Take care x

Everyone is different, i have endo on my diaphragm, bladder, bowel, ovaries, pelvic region.... i get pain pretty much constantly all month, from different areas, it settles slightly for a few days those few days are what i look forward too... 3 and a half weeks out of 4, its variable.... that week leading up to, and of my TOTM.... my god, i hate it... i wouldnt wish it on anyone.... I am heavy from the get go.... and i last anywhere from 7-10 days.... clots, heavy, they get lighter towards the end... but from the start they are yep im here! I have missed school, college, work throughout my life.... my team i am in now, and my manager, and senior managers, have all read up on what this is, and how they can support me....

But I have lost out on many memories with my fiance due to cancelling plans because i simply couldn't function.... he is so understanding and comes with me to all my appointments he even met with my private doctor on his own to try and understand what exactly this is and how he can help me and be there for me.... I am very lucky in that regard :)

If you think it is "changing" i would start to document it, then when this blows over from current world crisis, i would arrange to see your doctor and ask to see gynae :) hope you get some answers

BRYAS in reply to Fragarach14

I am so sorry you have had to deal with all of this! You are so strong and I hope something comes up to help you manage even more!

If I honest I don’t think I suffer with it I think my health anxiety keeps messing with me, everything that is occurring at the moment aren’t helping with it either 😔

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