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Could this be endo? Should I push my doctor?

Hi all. I am a 21 year old who has been suffering with bad periods for as long as I've had them, which is about 7 years now. I recently saw a different nurse and told het all my symptoms and she told me I should ask for a referal to a gynaecologist. So that's what I did. After explaining my symorons to yet another doctor I had an examination and scan and I thought I was getting somewhere but as they came back 'normal' she dismissed me once again stating that periods are 'subjective' and basically saying they weren't as heavy as I was making out. What she didn't understand was I was trying to tell her about the painfulness of them not just how heavy they are. I'll list my symptoms below:

Painful heavy period usually with blood clots.

Sometimes the pain is bad enough I have missed university.

I get some pain leading up to the period.

A sharp pain in my rectum.

I am always exhausted.

I get pain in my hips periodically.

I have a titled womb.

More recently sex has been very painful.

I have a scheduled appointment this time with a different doctor. Should I push for the gynae referal and doesn't anyone know if I ask are they allowed to refuse??

I'm sorry for the length of this post. I'm just tired of going from pillar to post with no answers! Thank you for reading!

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Ah yes, women's problems, periods are meant to hurt, it's all part of life... blah blah, etc.

when it affects your ability to do day to day things then yes, you're right, it's NOT normal!

Wish I had done something about it before it affected by uni exams, so you're deffo doing the right thing by insisting on seeing a specialist!

Good luck with the new GP xx


I could have written this! Yes please push for a referral, I was fobbed off for 7 years too so I totally understand how it feels. Just don't take no for an answer, periods aren't supposed to be like that xx


I was fobbed off with pain killers for four years and swabs for STD's! I finally saw a doctor who recognized my symptoms and referred me to a gyne. Scans often wont find endo. My scan showed nothing apart from a cyst on my ovary but a lap showed endo on the PoD, uterus, bladder, appendix and ovaries. So don't let them use this as an excuse. Ask for a referral to an endo specialist centre as they will be more skilled than a general gyne. I saw a general gyne and he said my endo couldn't be removed as it would risk damage to my bladder and/or uterus but I've since found that a specialist centre would have been able to do this. Here's a link so you can find one in your area;


If you have no luck with your new GP you could consider paying for a private consultation. These are around £200 but it means you get to speak to the right person and if they recommend any treatment you can ask for this to be done via the NHS.

Good luck. I hope you get somewhere soon. xx

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Hi - your options depend on where you are in the UK. Where are you located?


I am in England. Mostly Chester up until July when I will be moving back home to Bradford!


Hi - as you are in England thae fact that you are moving makes no difference in terms of who you are entitled to see as you can see who you want. x


I was in your position too years ago! You must definitely push if you don't get anywhere with this doctor go to another and say you want a referral to a gynaecologist no matter what- I saw lots of doctors etc before got anywhere. It definitely does sound like endometriosis so make sure you get seen x


Thank you for your replies. I also apologise for the spelling mistakes on this post. I was typing on my phone! I am now being referred to a gynaecologist so I am hoping for the best with it and hopefully we can go from there!


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