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TTC after Laparoscopy

Hi everyone, I had my lap three weeks ago where they found and removed stage 4 endo. Luckily uterus and tubes are clear so my gaeno advised I can ttc after two weeks from the lap when I was due to ovulate (cycle every 28 days). Im due in three days but Ive noticed I havent got my usual PMS symptoms which were alot worse a week before my period. This could just be great news from the laparoscopy reducing the pain after one month. I dont feel like I'll conceive straight away.. havent had any luck in 2 years. Just wondering if anyone has conceived quickly without any treatment apart from a laparoscopy?

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Hi lovely I have a story which I hope can give you hope.

I had unexplained infertility for nearly 6 years and i had a lap n dye done ( that’s the short version ) and it was diagnosed and treated- I fell pregnant the first time in 6 long years of ttc! And we never thought we could - unfortunately I lost the baby. But I’ve had my second laparoscopy ( endo returned) and have bewm told to ttc again and refered to an endo specialist if it still doesn’t happen ( some ehdo is on my bowels).

Anyway good luck xoxo


thanks for sharing your story jess1981 i really hope it works well for you :)


I did, so did two of my friends. You might be lucky too.


Just a heads up my period was 10 days delayed after my lap - despite ovulating on time. Fingers crossed you are positive, but I just didn’t want you to be crushed if it’s not (I’ve been there - we’re TTC too). Good luck!


aww good luck its so daunting waiting for a bfp fingers crossed :)


Hey! After.my lap my first period was on time but my second one was 12days late. The first one was on-time as I had ovulated before my op, but my second was late just due to healing etc. Hope that helps? I wasn't told about having a late period etc but it's really common apparently. Hope you are healing up ok and best of luck TTC xx


thanks for sharing Hannah27! I didnt know either but doesnt feel like Ill be on time. Find out in 2 days!


I'll keep everything crossed for you!!!! I'm due on in 6 days but don't think I'm pregnant this month. Best of luck!!! Xxx

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