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Travel after Laparoscopy??

Hi there

So I was booked to have my Laparoscopy on 17th of June and I booked my trip away first week of July, this giving me two weeks to recover.

The hospital now called saying they moved the Laparoscopy on the 24 of June. This would give me one week and two days before I have to travel.

This is my first Laparoscopy and I just don't know if I should cancel my traveling plans or if one week before I travel is alright.

Have any of you travelled after Laparoscopy?

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I had the same problem. Me and my wife planned a road trip on a motorbike, but because it was just 4 days after my laparoscopy we had to go in the car. I took a lot of painkillers with me to have in case, a small cushion to have under my lower back and comfy clothes. But overall everything was fine, I was in pain, but still managed to have a great holidays. I think you should see how you feel a couple days after your laparoscopy x


IT does depend on what work you are having done, if any, during the laparoscopy. My first lap I had one endometrioma (8cm) drained and nothing else. I was probably back to normal after 1.5weeks. Second lap I had a 10-12cm endometrioma excised, some treatment of endometriosis and removal of adhesions. This took longer to recover from, probably about 4 weeks. Third lap was even more complex, so I'm still recovering and signed off for 6 weeks.

What sort of holiday is it? If it a beach holiday with little need to walk etc then you will probably be ok with painkillers and lots of rest etc. But if it is a cycling holiday or something like that, I would suggest giving it a miss.

Hope you do manage to get on your holiday and hope surgery goes ok X


I am going to Sicily for my boyfriend birthday ( more to my benefit) so the plan is to stay by the pool and get tanned


It's hard to know how you will feel, I wouldn't have been able to go away after a week, but everyone is different,

It also depends on the type of holiday it is, I don't think alot I of walking will be possible,

I've just cancelled my holiday as I was booked to go in august but my laparoscopy should be just before, and I didn't wNt into coincid e and I've waited to long to say no to a date,

Good luck with your laparoscopy x

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if im honest i definately wouldnt have been up to travel let alone much else after a week or two. was prob more like a month / 6 weeks. u will need to check your travel insurance too. i struggled to get cover for endo and because i had a lap beg of april. after my lap i had to have injections to stop blood clots which also affected it because of risk of thrombosis on aeroplane. if u do go make sure to cover your incisions to minimise scarring. x


i would just add that after mine, i could barely get out of bed till three days, it took me three weeks to be able to drive, and probably feeling a bit more normal by 6 weeks. as everyone has said, everyone is different, no two laps are the same, different treatment etc can be done depending on what they find, i think mine was i had had a endometrial ablation too, which gave me a lot of bleeding and a dragging down feeling until all that had healed xx


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