sleeping after laparoscopy

How did you manage to get some sleep post lap? I find it impossible to sleep well just on my back, not really able to move around a lot. It was easy at the hospital when I was given strong medication, but now at home it's really a problem. First days at home my belly was so sore I couldn't lie on my side. Now I'm feeling a bit better and I can change positions a bit but my belly starts to hurt if I lie on my side for a longer time and I keep waking up. I used to fall asleep lying on my stomach but that's impossible now of course. My laparoscopy was on tuesday and everything is still too sore. Any tips how did you deal with sleeping after lap?

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  • Hi lucie try putting a pillow under your tummy when on your side as it will provide some support. Make sure you keep you pain relief topped up. It will get easier. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  • Yep I still uncomfortable 3 weeks after op but have found like you either sleeping on my back or on side with knees bent with pillow between legs sound a bit weird but seems to work sometimes 😀 Good luck with sleeping tonight

  • Same as the other replies, get yourself cushioned in, I lay with a cushion at each side of me for a few weeks after the lap and now just with one on my right side as that's the only side I can lie on! Hope it eases for you soon! xx

  • Strong pain killers and pillows! I could only sleep on my back so I propped myself up a bit so I wasn't flat! Good luck flower! :)

  • I used my old maternity pillow and found that a great help plus make sure u take ur pain relief regularly wish u a speedy recovery xx

  • I managed to sleep better with a hot water bottle snuggled into me. Definitely agree with the others about pillows as well. Hope you get some sleep

  • I would say the main thing is to keep on top of your pain meds, take the max dies for a few days, if your pain is too much, ask doc for stronger pain meds if not got any, and pillows, no caffeine, just peppermint tea, and lots of rest, even if your not sleeping, rest all still help, xxx

  • I used pillows too. Sounds strange but it worked for me. Alternated with them under my knees bent, and then one under each hip to lift my back off the bed a bit. Only seemed to last a few weeks then dropped the pillows. Xx

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