Am I wrong to call the hospital to find out an op date??

I'm feeling a bit paranoid that they'll be cross if I call the hospital to chase for an op date! I've been waiting for a surgery date since the 18th November 2014 for posterior and anterior prolapse repair with the removal of my cervix in 2007 mainly to blame as there's nothing to hold everything up. I've been struggling with endo since my teens but was only diagnosed in 2005 and had a hysterectomy in 2007 at 29 years old and had my ovaries removed in 2012.

For the past year or so I have struggled badly with my bowels/bladder and leak from my bladder everytime I move around and have little control. It is having a massive impact on my work and home life and making me feel really low every day.

A few weeks ago I emailed the waiting times manager and was told it would probably be mid april and that she would contact me when they had a date. We're now at the end of march and my employers are keen to know when they will need to cover me and I need to know for my own piece of mind when it will be and I've still heard nothing but I don't wish to be seen as a nuisance!! Do I leave it and wait for contact??

Sorry for the long ramble just feeling really fed up today :(

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  • Hi Hun you have every right to chase up your appointment. What about asking your doctor to give the hospital a push by sending a letter and stating it now a matter urgency that you get that appointment. You may need to lay it think with your doctors and the contact people at the hospital.

    You've gone through so much already Hun it's not dissimilar to myself. When my pain came back about 2 years ago and after a year of test after test and not being listened to. I went to one of the doctors at my practise ( I made sure it was woman) and I begged her to help me and finally she referred to a private clinic still as a NHS patiant last December and I'm now having my lap next Tuesday. I know it's wrong we have to do this but you have fight for treatment these days especially when it come to this disease. I hope that helps good luck Hun. Xxx

  • No don't leave it, just ting them up, I'm sure they won't mind it is after all what they are paid for,

    Good luck with your op xxx

  • Please just ring, don't think about being a nuisance, its your health x

  • Thanks ladies ill call them on Monday morning, just fed up of waiting and struggling all the time!! Good luck with your lap julieoc71, and thanks Tboag xx

  • Hi I had the same problem with my appointment and I luckily work in the trust and asked for a cancellation appointment and next thing, my op was brought forward by 2 weeks. They will be happy to put you on a cancellation list as they like to fill up the lists. Good luck with everything my operation is on Monday xx

  • Thank you, I just need a date for something to work towards it just feels like I've been waiting for so long :-( good luck on Monday hope all goes well x

  • Phone them! I called every day for week and half to get my date! When in pain...keep on to get what you need is what i have learned! X good luck

  • Phone! I called after 4 months (6 month list apparently) and I wasn't on the list!!! Miraculously seen a week later, another 4 months til op, then they didn't do the op properly so given a consultation for 4 months later and still waiting for corrective op date. Messed me up mentally! Anyway moral of the story is to stay in touch and stay in control!

  • Call call call!! Never take your health for granted and this is causing you emotionally as well as physical upset. Waiting times in NHS Scotland is 12 weeks. I would call up and ask if you are on the cancellation list and say whether you would be willing to go to another hospital area. I would also look up what the official waiting times are. 4/5 months is way too long. As per other peoples advice, you could also get your GP to rush things along via a letter. Best of luck and fingers X.

  • Call hun. I had to do this to get my lap to remove a endometrioma.... I was in agony by the time surgery actually came around! The secretary's are used to it and if you get a good one they will try to help and have meetings with their bosses etc. I got bumped at 17.5 weeks on the day if surgery! ( nhs States you have to have your surgery within 18weeks or they breach their waiting times) They tried to fob me off with another few months wait but my hassling with phone calls got me in within a few weeks. Stress the pain, discomfort you are in. Call every day if you have to. I was close to being hospitalised by my gp as I could barely cope but didn't want emergency surgery with a non specialist.

  • Morning ladies well I contacted them and was told that I am now looking at mid to late may and that I must be patient and that they will contact me when they have a definate date!!!! Feeling a bit fed up now!!! X

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