Laparoscopy tomorrow!

Hi, I've had my surgery date brought forward due to a cancellation, so it's tomorrow! So relieved really as the last few months have been a real struggle. I am having an endometrioma removed and possibly the ovary and any endo tissue they find. I was pleased as I thought I would be mid cycle, but today I have started my period 9 days early😣 typical !!! I have been on this forum non stop since I found it, what a brilliant, supportive community dealing with this awful condition.

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Good luck I had mine on Wednesday you have nothing to worry about it! It will be over before you know it 😌 hope you get the answer that your looking for x

Good luck for tomorrow hun. Hope they manage to sort you out and your pain free. hope you've got a good support network to look after you. 💗🤗😘 keep us updated xx

I am slightly worried about my recovery as I am my husband's carer too, I have prepared as much as I can and have my mum to help out, things will just have to go to pot for a while😆x

Yes the house work will always be there. If you'd of had better notice you could have prepared and froze meals. Rest as much as you can try not to do things until your ready. 💗🤗😘

I will, thank you😊 Our little family doesn't function very well without me, but we haven't been able to do much with me in the state I am, so at least this is a step forward! Women are amazing I think!!!

Sometimes we need a break and as horrid as it sounds this is an excuse to get resting,sad I know because having an op takes it's toll. But putting the feet up is needed a lot more especially for women like yourself 💗🤗😘

Definitely, I will be resting for sure! xxx

Good luck for tomorrow :-))

I have just found out I have an endometrioma on my ovary and therefore endometriosis. Also a complex cyst on other ovary. I am to have a laperoscopy and have appointment with consultant soon but worried about them removing an ovary as my husband and I have been trying to conceive. If you don't mind me asking why did they say they would remove your ovary? Xx

The consultant said they couldn't tell until they get in there, but sometimes the endometrioma burrows into the ovary?! and it's easier to remove it. It's not a definite just a possibility, covering every eventuality I suppose. Good luck with your treatment too xxx

I was also in hospital for 3 nights in July with an infected endometrioma so that might have something to do with it! Xx

Good luck mine is 2moro too :-)

Good luck!

Good luck for tomorrow

Good luck! Wish you a speedy recovery and good health x

Good luck. Hope you have a speedy and full recovery x

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