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Op date


I have got the date for my hysterectomy, excision of Endo and bowel surgery.

The date is the 28th October. Initially I was disappointed that it's so long away and then I thought that it gives me the opportunity to loose weight and get physically and emotionally ready. (In soooo nervous!)

Have any of you lovely ladies got any suggestions or advice please.

I hope you are all well.

Barbara x

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I don't have any practical advice other than just keep thinking this time in ten weeks things will be so much better, good luck x


Thank you x


Hi barbara,

I think giving yourself time to get as fit as possible is something you won't regret. I had my hysterectomy when I was at my biggest (bmi over 40) managed to lose a bit after it but had to have several more ops after to find an ovarian remnant. Long story short because I'm sure I've told you some of this before, a follow up op at Christmas punctured my bowel and I ended up with a colostomy. An experience I wouldn't recommend but better than the alternative once the bowel was damaged! Anyway colorectal surgeon pushed bullied me into losing weight with the threat that he wouldn't reverse op with out losing lots of weight.

I worked really really hard, lots and lots of walking up to 12kilometres and 2hours every day and reducing to the bare minimum the amount of carbs I was able to lose 2 and a half stones in 12 weeks. I won't lie it was bloody hard work but the recovery from the colostomy was soooooo much easier than I expected.

I'm now nearly 7 weeks post this op and frankly I often forget I've had major abdominal surgery. I hate to admit it but the surgeon was right losing the weight and building up my fitness made such a difference!

So if I was in your position I'd put in work now so that recovery will be easier. It's taken 2 years but I'm now feeling better than I have for nearly 20 years. I've had my 40th birthday this week - where did that come from?!! - but I feel and look younger and 'weller' than I have for a long time. Yes the weight has helped but actually not being in constant pain and being on strong painkillers are the main reasons.

Sorry if this is a rambling text, I just wanted to say investing in fitness both mental and physical now will make a huge difference for you.

Good luck 'cos its not easy to do

Take cake

Beth x


You are absolutely right and congratulations on your weight loss.... Absolutely amazing!

I have dogs and I will drag them out with me for long walks. I have severe pain after walking but I have got a back support and I will take pain medications.

I'm so pleased all your surgeries have finished. Are you Endo free now?

I also have adenomyosis and fibroids. I have had Endo for 20+ years. I really want my life back!

Barbara x


I've been endo free since the hysterectomy I think. it was an ovarian remnant and adhesions that were causing havoc. It seemed that when the did the reversal there was no sign of it and now I'm menopausal it shouldn't grow any more of there's a tiny bit left. I'm not taking HRT at moment to really give everything a chance to damp down.

As to getting pain from walking I think you're right to think you'll have to use strong pain relief for the next 10 weeks and not stress about it. I never liked taking huge amounts of morphine based painkillers with out a plan to deal with the underlying cause of the pain but you have a short window to get through.

Other than the gabapentin I'm taking I can remember the last time I even took paracetamol! Unheard of before the hysterectomy. I used be known for my handbag drug supplies, now I carry nothing ! Most bizarre !!!

It's still early days and the journey to get here has been horrendous but I feel so well I can't believe it. I know its not right decision for everyone but for me it has given me my life back - eventually!

Lots of people said I would have emotional issues with a hysterectomy at 38 with no kids but I felt that it was rotting me from inside so I've just been relieved!!!

Practically one thing to make sure you have ready is a fan by the side of your bed- its been a life saver on many an occasion but if you've had zoladex/prostrap menopausal symptoms are new. In fact so far I've found the menopausal symptoms less severe than when I've been on zoladex!

hope this helps

Beth x


That should have been menopausal symptom are not new - oops need to proof read better!


Hi Barbara,

Delighted that you finally have your hysterectomy date-seems a long time but if you do try to focus on loosing some weight the days wills speed past.I desperately need to loose weight but apart from starving myself I see no way to loose given that I am immobile except when on crutches in the house.

I have heard lots of weight loss success stories from the 5/2 diet where you have only 500calories for 2 days and eat sensibly the other days.

Keep us posted.xx


I would say likem the other lots of walking and cutting down on what you eat. I always found with mine I'd have a couple of weeks where I would want to eat lots and the n a couple of weeks normal. Since my hysterectomy 9 weeks ago my appetite went down drastically, kept feeling sick. I've lost nearly 2 stone in the 9 weeks. Starting to get more of a normal appetite now. I'm doing alot of walking which I find helps. I hope time goes quickly for you and you are much better for it aftyerwards. So far I have found it's the best thing i have ever done. Don't miss my monthlys at all and the endo pain is gone yay. Also not having HRT at the mo, with what people say about any bits left causing problems on it. Hot flushes nowhere near as bad as I thought they'd be. hopefully they stay like that.


Hi Barbara,

I am glad that you got a op day. Hopefully you are towards pain free life.

I got my lap on Tuesday and since last Tuesday I got a bit of cold. I am a lot better now and feel confident that I can go ahead on Tuesday. Luckily it was a little cold without fever and swollen throat.

So my advice is keep fit and don't catch a cold! By October more germs are around us. Take Vitamin C and Zinc and get your immune power up!

Loosing weight is very difficult for me. I had a weight loss when I stop eating chocolate to see what triggers my migraines. I had a good few month of no chocolate and lost a good few kilograms. I kept the good weight for a good few year until I got pregnant. Now I eat dark chocolate nearly every day to get rid of my constipation (it works for me!) and increase intake of Magnesium. After hormone treatment it is gone quite impossible to loose weight for me.

Also when I started gluten free diet it dropped a couple of kilograms. Swimming or walking in the swimming pool is good to burn some calories.

I hope your weight loss and op goes well. Take care and don't catch a cold before your op.

Thinking of you.



Hi Barbara. you replied to a message of mine a few mths ago when I asked 'hysterectomy or injections'. I am going in for my hysterectomy tomorrow! So glad to hear you have a date. I wish you all the best. Louise x


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