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I look 7 months pregnant

Sorry but I need to have a little rant. I am sick of looking pregnant day in day out. I literally look 7 months pregnant. My friend is 5 months pregnant and i look like I have a bigger bump than her!! It’s really starting to nock me down now I’ve tried everything I’ve tried the endo diet and it doesn’t make a difference - I am currently still doing the endo diet but eating what I want on a Sunday. I have also been going to the gym and that isn’t making much difference in fact it is making my pain worse. I’m 20 years old and I am so self conscious and unhappy with my body. 2-3 years ago I was thin and I could wear anything I wanted without thinking what people would think about me but now I’m really conscious about it. My boyfriend has even asked me to go out on bank holiday weekend and I have refused because I don’t feel comfortable going out incase people look at me and think why is she out when she is pregnant (which I’m not). I just don’t know what to do about this bloating it is seriously getting out of hand I am a normal size everywhere else but my belly just sticks out like a sore thumb 😩😩😩 help

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Hello, I know exactly how your feeling I suffer with it to! Jeans are tight you feel uncomfortable! Tops roll up....

Mine is much better now I don’t eat gluten (gluten expands in your stomach and growns when it is warm and moist)

I also drink 3 litres of water a day without fail it hydrates your intestines means everything moves better!(you will Poo more but less bloating!)

Also cup of green tea before bed is great!

I am a sports rehabilitation specialist and I also do nutrition so it I just my personal opinion :) hope it helps x


I honestly don’t find gluten free makes any difference to me however I still do eat gluten free just to be safe x

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so glad I'm not alone. The bloating gets me so down :(


It’s horrible isn’t it x


I don't have any advice, but I just want to say you're not alone. I'm sitting on my couch at the moment with a hot water bottle, looking absolutely massive and feeling like crap about it. I'm only 23, and I've stopped buying bodycon dresses and tight tops, because I can't predict any more when my endo will flare up. I've found peppermint tea has a marginal effect, but that's about it really.


I’ve tried peppermint tea and that doesn’t really make a difference either x


I have two sets of clothes, but seem to have more in my bloat day set as I need them more than my 'normal' clothes so I really do know exactly how you feel. I haven't found avoiding any food makes any difference for me either. I could eat the same meal on two separate occasions- 1 time I ill be fine, the next time I have blown up like a balloon.


I’m literally bloated all the time apart from first thing in the morning. It gradually gets worse as the day goes on x


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