I look 5 months pregnant...why?

Does anyone else suffer with extreme bloating? I had my first lap 2 weeks ago and I still haven't been able to shift the excess carbon dioxide from my tummy, it's making it hard to do anything, does anyone have any tips to get rid of it?

It's not a new problem though, before my lap I would start the day with a normal (unfortunately not flat) stomach and a couple of hours later I would be looking 5 months pregnant! I mean it's hard and completely distended. I think it's been worse since I had the mirena fit in October. Does anyone else suffer with this kind of thing? Is it a normal endometriosis thing? Is there anything that helps? I've had to put 85% of my clothes in the loft as I can't fit them over my tummy anymore :( it's really getting me down I feel so huge! Any help appreciated.

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  • Have you tried a probiotic supplement and some gentle exercise, walking, perhaps?

  • Hi i suffered with a bloated belly to, i looked 6 months pregnant,i had a total abdominal hysterectomy last year and after that my tummy had gone down alot, i have heard of a phrase called endo belly

  • I bloat lots too. But after my most recent lap in December (2nd but 1st for endometriosis) my bloating/gas pain just seemed to take forever to go. I couldn't fit anything other than LEGGINGS on for a good 4 weeks I was so so bloated. I tried everything. Peppermint tea massaging my stomach (which hurt) in the end it became apparent that my gas pain wasn't going to go until my bowels started working properly. Once that was sorted out it went! I just had lots of high fibre stuff and things I knew made me go like strong coffee and fresh orange or a high fat meal. I'd had work done on my bowel too though so it was pretty painful when I did finally go. But gas went not long after which was gooood :)

  • I suffered with terrible bloating prior my lap In December, and like you felt depressed when shopping for clothes with my huge stomach. I had endo removed from my right side and have to say that now one of the great things is I have had no bloating at all, not even before my period! Even friends have noticed my flatter stomach. However it took about 5 weeks after lap and once stitches had come out for it to settle down. I was also severley constipated for a while due to anesthetic and medication and took fibre gel for 4 weeks. I managed to (literally) squeeze into a smaller size of jeans at the weekend, although I felt a bit sore after. I would give it abit more time as everyone is different with healing times and after things have settled down you may find your tummy does too. I have also started drinking a lot of water which I think helps keep the bloating down. I'm just hoping mine stays this way as it was one of the things that got me down.

  • Hi I would say this is pretty normal & just one of the many glorious endo side effects.i have 2 sets of clothing size 12 for those better days & 14(sonetimes16) for those not so good days.lots of loose fitting baggy waists.before,during & after my period the bloating is very noticeable like you it's excessive,hard & v.uncomfortable. hope you get some relief soon from this horrible disease x

  • I've suffered in the past from dreadful bloating. I now don't eat wheat, very little dairy and lots of veg and drink lots of water. Mostly that does the trick. Peppermint oil capsules are amazing and might help along with peppermint tea. Also try taking a vitamin C supplement as this will help your digestion and metabolism. Good luck! xx

  • Hi. I have the same issue, wake up in the morning with an (almost!) flat stomach and by mid morning look pregnant. My brother actually asked if I was recently due to the bloat. I had a more a coil fitted in December 14 however did have the bloating beforehand. Getting the gas out post my lap in December was so painful but I'm sure it has far from going now, however the bloating still remains!! Mine is hard too so i can't even suck it in! Wearing leggings was my only option after my lap, tights or jeans was a no go- even trying ended up with more tummy pain. :(

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