Getting pregnant - how long?

OK, so I know this is a 'how long is a piece of string' kind of question, but it would be good to hear others experiences of how long it took them to get pregnant?

I started passing out from pain around 3 years ago and found an ovary cyst. Then followed a lap where the cyst and relating endometriosis was removed and I was told the endo was moderate. My doctor and subsequent gp's and nurses have all sympathised and advised me to have children straight away if I was in a position to do so... Sadly I wasn't... I'll be turning 34 in 5 months and conscious that my fertility is starting to become worrying as 35 approaches. If it took me too long to conceive I could very well also be battling normal fertility declines as well as endometriosis.

I am in a relationship now where family is on the cards, I guess ideally we'd wait a little longer, but am concerned about doing that... I've had so many people tell me they know people with severe endo who've got pregnant within a couple of months, and of course that will happen for some, but the statistics of fertility issues linked to endo are there for a reason! So I'd love to hear from you how long you tried to get pregnant please?

Thanks :-)

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As someone with fertility problems I would definitely advise sooner rather than later. Especially if you want more than one child.


I was diagnosed with mod/severe endo in sept 2015 after a lap where they tried to remove as much endo as they could but left a cyst on my right ovary.

We had a failed ivf cycle last sept 2016 after unsuccessfully ttc for 2yrs, i am 36 and knew time wasnt on my side. After ivf the cyst in my right ovary grew to 4cm + and the pain i was gettin from it was horrendous and lastin 20+ days each motnh. I even made an appt with a gynaecologist privately as wel as another ivf clinic for a 2nd round as i was giving up hope.

I am happy to say i got my bfp naturally a few days ago- so 2 1/2yrs it took us, i literally tried everything- preseed,opks,bbt, multivitamins,protein,acupuncture,mizan therapy....

Dont give up and keep trying!!! I know how hard it is and disheartening xxx

I had severe endo excised at the end of May 2015. I was told afterwards that if I wasn't pregnant within a year that it would be IVF. Following my operation I gave my body a few months to heal. I came off birth control at the end of August and fell pregnant naturally mid October! I was shocked but elated!!! I now have a happy, healthy 10 month old boy and I just turned 34. If you have any other questions feel free to pm me. Good luck xx

Hi I just wondered if you went straight onto the pill after your surgery or did you wait and then go on the pill later? I'm not sure whether you should wait for a period to come after surgery before starting the pill as I had a course of prostap injections.Congratulations on your lovely news, it's really nice to hear positive stories about fertility x

Hi Caranne. I went straight back on the pill after my surgery. I had been on it for a long time and not having periods was the only way to control my pain. I was going home to visit my family for the summer and was petrified of coming off of it and having pain like before even though I'd had the surgery. I came off the pill at the end of August, had one period and then fell pregnant. Luckily the pain was just normal period cramps after my surgery. Never had prostap injections so not sure if that makes any difference. Good luck with everything. My lb is almost 18months old now! x

Hi there, long story short... I'm 32 with stage 4 endo given a year to fall pregnant (no pressure!) Fell after 4 months!! Used ovulation sticks and app to help as cycle ranged from 27-36 days..I have kept track of cycle since my first lap two years ago (I've had two more since then). I'm now 32 weeks pregnant with a healthy little boy. I've had horrendous endo pain throughout my whole pregnancy (just to give you a heads up, I was on cloud cuckoo thinking it would be endo pain free) BUT I'd do it all over again and no pain no gain right?!

All the best for you! Just thought I'd let you know it can happen :)


Started trying when I was 38 having found the right man, was finally diagnosed with severe stage IV endo in the same year (after suffering for nearly 20 years with symptoms). Tried 5 rounds of IVF all unsuccessful, as well as trying naturally throughout the last 5 years, now 43 and time run out. Try as soon as you can would be my advice. I wouldn't get lulled into a false sense of security hearing people say a lot of people they know with endo get pregnant quickly - endo can come in all shapes and sizes and it does an awful lot of damage. I think it is less common than you think to get pregnant with endo to be honest. Good luck with it all x

Although I don't have endo I was in my 30s before I married. I had my first child when I was almost 36 and I was past 39 when I had my second. I would highly recommend the ovulation sticks - I was trying for what seemed like ages for our 2nd child but fell pregnant instantly after using the o.s.

Hi, I'm 32 and have a similar endo situation as you've described. I had my lap in December...first month of trying after surgery was March using ovulation sticks and kindara app. I fell pregnant! We'd had tests through our local fertility clinic in Feb/March this year as we'd tried for a year before my surgery and they said all was fine, so he said if we don't fall naturally we'd be looking at IVF. I'm so early on that I don't know if all is ok with the pregnancy, but I was just so surprised and pleased to fall! 😊 Good luck lovely xxx

Aww congratulations! X

Hmm... after reading all these experiences! I had surgery for severe endo in december! I was offered ivf at post op appointment without asking for it. I had 1 fallopian tube removed! I assume im infertile, although never had fertility tests. I was put on pill which i took for 2 months straight but i broke through the entire 2nd month so didnt start the third. But im currently late on my period? I did test last week but negative on poundshop ones! But certainly got me wondering now seeing some people with severe endo fell pregnant soon after surgery 😲 .....

Thanks everyone for your messages, as I thought, bit of a mixed bag! I have heard somewhere before that the best time to try and conceive is soon after your lap, but it's been a long time since mine and my periods have gone back to similar to how they were beforehand my surgery, with much more clotting so not sure if that means my endo is getting worse/building up again...

Will have a chat with the other half! X

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