Am I pregnant?

Basically my endo has been creeping up again but I am now unsure if that's what it is. I went to the doctors to be rereffered and she put me back on mefanamic acid (didnt help) I then have missed ny period 2 weeks. Every test is negative (the most recent being 2 days a go) however I had a blood test and my hcg levels have come back at 100. My nurse said it woukd be 0 for not pregnant so thinks I may ne early stages however my doctors redoing the blood test tomorrow incase it is my endo giving off hormones but I don't think my endo is as bad as it has been before to be reoccuring like that. I have the other test tomorroe with results Monday. Can you help? Can endo give off so much hgc? I didn't think it gave any off!

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