Help, so bloated!

Can anyone advise what to do to get my swelling down. I look 6/7 month pregnant, I am only 21 and usually a size 8 people have actually asked when I'm due. I have tried everything from cutting out gluten, dairy etc. I used to have good days and bad days and at the minute it just seems to be a constant bad day every day. Along with the swelling the pain seems to be getting worse too. None of my clothes fit me, I feel so conscious of how I look. It's getting me down. Can anyone advise on ways to help the swelling? Thanks xx

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  • Bloating is fluids, so eating foods that are natural ways to expel excess fluids can help.

    Laxatives will cause the bowel to absorb fluid and expel it.

    Diuretic foods will cause the kidneys to expel more fluids too

    There's a list on this page

    You can also get the GP to prescribe you with diuretic tablets to boost the kidneys to work a bit faster.

    All these methods will to some extent reduce bloating - but be careful with some of the diuretic foods because they can cause gas and when you are already bloated - having extra gut gas can be very uncomfy indeed... I'm talking sprouts for example. Best avoid those if you have IBS pains from trapped gas causing a problem too.

    Have you spoke to your GP about getting checked for ovarian cysts because they too can be the cause of tummy bloat that doesn't come and go with the menstrual cycle. More of a permanent state.

    Everyone who has periods will have some level of bloating caused by hormones, the smaller you are the more noticeable it will be to you from your non-bloated state. If you don't have anything like cysts causing the bloat then it is worth looking in the period control drugs to see if by messing with the menstrual cycle you can avoid suffering a monthly expansion. Good Luck feeling less bloated and more comfy.

  • This happens to me am 21, 22 in 12 days and I find walking helps me from time to time as if it's gas witch causes the swelling walking helps push the gas down, am sick and tired myself of being asked when am due in the end I say say am 5 months to get people off my back as if I say am not pregnant I get what the heck is that!

  • Thank you very much for your replies. I will have a look into that list. I have been walking miles as I'm used to running and spinning but find at the minute walking is the only exercise I can do. I have been checked for cysts and they said that it's difficult to see anything as my uterus is tilted so far back but it didn't look like there was anything there. I also don't have periods as I am on the implant. Hopefully will be sorted soon just waiting for my lap which hopefully will sort me out.

    Sammy I think I will start telling people when I'm due rather than dealing with that look of disgust when they find out your not pregnant.

    Thanks very much for taking the time to reply ladies. Take care x

  • Rather than lying about a pregnancy - which could back fire with the local rumour mill going in to overdrive as it can and people spreading gossip that isn't true then wondering if you lost the baby etc.

    Can be very hurtful to others to find out your were fibbing if they have experienced a pregnancy loss.

    Best option is to say something like you have an ovarian cyst at the moment, or you have endometriosis or IBS and this bloating is the result of that. keep it straight to the point. If they want to know more about endo when you mention it, then it's a great opportunity for spreading awareness of the condition if time permits. Or tell them to look it up.

    If it's some nosey parker asking - then tell them no you are not pregnant and it's rude to ask impertinent questions, or make snap judgements on the appearance of others.

  • Yeah I think people need a greater understanding of endometriosis, whenever I mention it people they always say "what's that" so I think by explaining might help. Thanks x

  • I'm in the exact same position Hun, I'm 24 and the older I get the worse the bloating seems to get too. I have tried cutting out all different things and nothing seems to help! My doctor has put it down to the hormones in my coil after numerous investigations although i have not had it for 6 months now and the bloating a not changed! I'm so self conscious about my body because of it as I'm the same as you- size 8 body with a bloated bump! If only there was a simple solution xxx

  • Same here. Even my aunt asked if I was even though the family know I'm not having kids. I tell everyone who asks that it's endo most say oh what's that. I think it's very important to talk about it.

    I recently got intolerance testing & found I was intolerent to several things. Since cutting these things out I have found a marked improvement in bloating & pain.

    My be worth a try as if you don't know what if anything you are intolerant to it is very difficult to cut things out of your diet. The test was only £48 & I am so glad I did it x

  • It's nice to know I'm not alone in feeling like this although I would like none of us to be feeling like that. My doctor also said it was down to my hormones and gave me the coil which I've just had removed as it was incorrectly placed!

    Where did you get the test from? I have been tested to see if I am coeliac but it came back negative. Thanks ladies x

  • I was tested for that too but came back negative. I googled intolerance testing and found a homeopath upon Stirling. You could google vega testing in you area to find someone near you x

  • Ohh thankyou I will try that!

  • Let me know how you get on x

  • Hi i tried these charcoal tablets from Holland and Barrett, they really work. i am a size 6 and looked pregnant, the bloating hasn't gone but it is much better- give it a try, it works

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