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First period after lap

Hi, can anyone tell me what their first period was like after lap? I had my procedure (laparoscopy, hysteroscopy with diathermy and cystectomy) on the 29th of January, bled really lightly for a few days and then stopped and then my actual period started 2 and a half weeks ago. It’s not anywhere near as heavy as normal but 2 and a half weeks later I’m still bleeding - is that normal? Is it likely just to be because it’s the first one or is it likely that the procedure hasn’t helped with the prolonged periods of bleeding? I’m going to go and see GP on Monday but just thought I’d see if anyone had any experience of this? The thought of continuing to bleed for weeks on end is getting me really down 😰

Thanks in advance!!

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Hi there, my first period after a lap has always been very painful and heavy bleeding. But everybody is different. I found that no pain killers helped so just had to try and stay warm, rest and get through the days the best I could. Stock up on pads, have pain killers ready, hot water bottle and take a few days off work after. If you can. Hope you feel better soon x


Thanks for your response. Thankfully I don’t have much pain, just light cramping, it’s just the length of time it’s going on that’s bothering me. It was the prolonged bleeding that instigated the lap and other procedures so I was hopeful it would have stopped it


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