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First official period after lap?!?!

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Hi all,

Im due my first official period after my lap :( and am feeling really scared as I not know if it will be as painful as the first one (I got my first period the same week as my lap).

Has anyone else experienced how period is like after lap?

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Spotting and much lighter xx

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Zuzu7 in reply to AJJ123

Hopefully it will be :( literally so scared xx

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I'd say be prepared for your worst type of period just to be on the safer side. Ive had two periods since my lap in Oct ( diagnostic lap as the endo was too severe to be removed) and both were as bad as they normally are plus i had a coil fitted at the time of the lap so only stopped spotting blood after my second period post lap so im hoping my third period will be better in a couple of weeks! I hope yours goes ok. x

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My first was very soon after op and quiet bad in pain terms so I had meds left from the op recovery and took some of them.

The next two periods were a dream little pain and easier to live with each month is still different.

Goodluck and try not to worry I was just like you 🍀

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Zuzu7 in reply to Missionofendo

Im glad to hear that your periods gradually got better ! Hopefully mine will follow the same steps.. thank you !! xx

I had eye rolling, twitching on the floor style bad periods after my extensive excision. Some people get virtually nothing. It depends how your body reacts. Make sure you have the ability to take the day off if it gets bad, double hot water bottles and whatever pain meds you take. But having been on this forum a while, lots of women say their period is much improved. But one that whatever happens it DOES improve with time and the rest of yourbliefe will not be like this. Months after excision I’m hardly bothered by pain now.

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Zuzu7 in reply to

How long did it take you to recover fully and for periods to get better? And how is everything now, better?

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Everyone is different! Be prepared for anything in terms of what you have in the house and with you when you’re out but try not to worry. You may have already had the worst of it. I didn’t have any more pain than usual but I did experience flooding for the only time, which caught me off guard. xx

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Zuzu7 in reply to wanwood

:( yeah, absolutely im hoping for my pain to start to decrease now I have been going through pure agony. Thank you xx

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Totally went through this last week. Initially I was on my period when I had my Lap done 5 weeks ago, but the drugs at the time must have helped although my mind was on the post lap pain more so.

However, 4 weeks later, and the pain was the worst I’ve EVER felt in the pelvic region, even more post lap. I was on codeine constantly for 3.5 days initiall then ibroprufin 1-2 days after. I felt like constant electric shocks / stabbing pain. But I guess that’s because every pelvic organ of mine was ‘handled’ and the pain was worse with contractions. However, everyone is different and I’m not sure if you’ve already experienced this on your first time already? The only thing I would have done differently, if I can advise that is, is to have started the painkillers a day earlier. 8 days in now and even though the bleeding and pain has stopped I’m struggling when I go for a no. 1 & 2 when that part had healed a week before I started. Will give it a couple days before I go docs. I’ve heard the first 2-3 periods will be like this? If not, then we can only hope it’s going to be better than our last ones and we will get through this! 💪🏽

Hope you won’t be in too much pain and you get through 🙌🏽😊

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Zuzu7 in reply to NewToEndo18

Im really sad to hear that :(.. how are you feeling now? I had the most painful period ever directly after my lap which was horrible and as you said the painkillers at the time were making everything better.

I really do hope your pain symptoms do decrease because no one should go through pain and agony like that. P.s were you diagnosed with endo? Or with any other abdomin issue?

Thank you for your msg I appreciate it xx

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NewToEndo18 in reply to Zuzu7

Thank you and likewise for all of us! 🤗

Yes, diagnosed with Endo although still confused at what stage I was. While I was out of it in the recovery I only caught one hand gesture (a-ok) when the surgeon was updating me (don’t understand why they update you then!). But the following day another doctor advised it was stage 2/3 and then letter I was sent stated severe.

Reading from the other responses, sounds like your second one will be better than the first one. At least you’ll be prepared mentally so it won’t be a shock as much. Hope it all goes well for you x

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