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Late period after lap?

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Had La on 11th Jan, first period was due on 13th and came as normal... but now my period is 8 days late. We have been trying to get pregnant but all tests are negative so far. Has anyone else had their cycle altered after lap?

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Hi, my lap was just after my period, which I thought was brilliant, however the surgery must have brought my period on early, it came where the middle of my cycle was and was a lot longer / heavier than usual. The next cycle was a little longer by about 4 ish days. But it seems to have settled now.

Sometimes the stress of the op (trauma) causes the body to be a little confused for a while. It'll sort itself out.

I use the naturalcycles app to monitor my cycles, it's really good and as it measures live (basal temp and around ovulation LH results) its really accurate, even for my extended cycles it's still predicted the next period based on the ovulation results and previous cycles. It can be used to plan pregnancies / prevent them - there's an interchangeable option, and doctors are happy to use the results.

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Hannah27 in reply to luthien

Thanks so much for your reply! I have an app called Flo which has been good but there wasn't any option for putting in a surgery date so every morning it's telling me to do a test. I figured out how to log tests now though haha.

Stupid question, but is basal temperature just a normal oral or behind the ear temperature?

Hope you are ok now after your lap? Thanks again for replying xxx

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luthien in reply to Hannah27

basal temp is under the tongue with a thermometer that measures to two decimal places. it's more accurate. outer parts of the body can vary by 0.5 degrees (that's the increase in temp after ovulation, so wouldn't be much help), the one decimal place thermometers wont measure accurately and will round up / down. It's not a stupid question, I didn't know until I got the natural cycles thermometer!

I'm doing okay after my lap thanks :) going to need another op soon though as they couldn't remove all the endo - some was on my bowel and they needed a bowel surgeon present. I went for the diagnosis and removal in one, thought it was easier as they could remove what they could see which was lots.

no problem, hope your period comes so you can figure out where your cycle is and get back to normal :) xx

Yes me! Mine came on cd45 I think, Also you can ovulate later following a lap U never know ;) xx

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Hannah27 in reply to AJJ123

I'm day 40 now but feel like I'm spending a fortune on tests! Thanks so much for your reply 😊 I just want either aunt Flo to arrive or for a positive test so I can have a glass of wine without feeling guilty!!! Xxx

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AJJ123 in reply to Hannah27

I did spot cd38 until cd45 then it was a full period but lighter than usual. Xx

Fingers crossed for you! Anaesthetic always disrupted my periods, even when surgery was not for gynae issues.

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Hannah27 in reply to girli1969

I hadn't events considered that! Thank you so much. There's probably a million things it could be.


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girli1969 in reply to Hannah27

There could be... and one of them is you could be pregnant... so don’t give up hope just yet x

How are you feeling now Hannah? X

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girli1969 in reply to girli1969

Ah, I’ve just caught up with your other posts. Go easy on yourself now you’re back at work. Xxx

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