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How long did you wait to see a gynaecologist for your first appointment?

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I appreciate it will vary from geographical area to area but I was just hoping to get an idea of how long other ladies have waited for. Thanks.

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Well I’d been going in and out of hospital and the doctors for different tests and scans... I first met my gynaecologist consultant last month (22nd of February) that will be doing my very first Laparoscopy for a diagnosis this month (21st March) but the doctors finally referred me to get a Laparoscopy in December 2018 ... I think it all depends on where you are in the world ... talk to your doctor about meeting a gynae ...

Hope you don’t have to long to wait xx

Referred by GP end of October. Saw hospital doctor mid January (not a consultant and sadly very poor quality of care - so much so that I've since decided to go private).

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Hi, did you ask to see the consultant? Often you have to push a bit. The clinics are largely staffed by junior doctors, working under the supervision of a consultant. If they can’t answer your questions, then it’s perfectly legitimate to ask to see the consultant. Sometimes this is possible on the day, sometimes it requires another appointment.

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Yes - there was no consultant in clinic, and I was given the choice between:

a) suck it up and see the registrar


b) discharge back to GP

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That’s not good. The department must be in a poor state. I can understand why you gave up!

Did you tell your GP or PALS about it? I think they’d be concerned (or should be). I know the NHS is really struggling but that doesn’t mean we should stop demanding decent care.

Hi, it’s supposed to be within 18 weeks but I believe the national average is currently 23+ weeks. It will depend on the area.

I've been waiting since September and have been informed there is at least 6 months further wait time........

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Gosh - I hope you get to see someone soon. Xxx

Thanks for the replies everyone - I’m usually very patient but its more difficult to be patient when in pain everyday. X

I paid privately and got seen within a day! It was about £150, which was more than I really could afford at the time but it was the best thing I ever did! The consultant was the only person that’s ever listened to me. He then did my lap on the NHS so I got the rest of his treatment for free. I would definitely recommend as it’s worth every penny. With endo, it gets worse every month, so long waiting lists really aren’t good XX

It took me about 4 months to see the first gynaecologist and then around 3 months each to see another one.

I’m going for my 5th opinion on the 23rd March which was a 48day waiting list. As my doctors are useless and are going against an endometriosis specialist from spire 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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