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Wait times - how long did you wait?


I am in the South East of England and have had to wait 27 weeks for my Gynae appt, not even specialist centre. This is from asking GP to refer me to booking the date that suited me - had to make a minor change that put it back a week. HALF A YEAR!! So appt tomorrow to discuss my options. Just wondering how long the waits are across the country - just out of interest.

Best wishes ladies

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GP referred me to gyane with suspected endo last october/september. I asked about waiting times and she said 6 months. So I decided to pay to go private. it cost about £160 but the guy I saw was useless. not an endo specialist. So I ended up paying again to see endo specialist last week which was the best £150 I have ever spent. If you can afford paying privately to see an endo specialist is good option. I wish I had done it last september.

urgley in reply to Larrie7

how do you arrange an appointment with a private specialist? I've never gone private....

Larrie7 in reply to urgley

well i spoke to my GP and said I wanted to see a private consultant . This was the first time and the gynae my GP referred me to was not an endo specialist. He was useless. This time around I found my nearest endo cinic and looked up the names of the specialists . So i phoned the private hospital myself and arranged an appointment with the endo specialist. So my advice is if you suspect its endo to find your nearest endometriosis centre, find the name of the specialist and book private appointment to see them. Cost me £150 but it can be upto £200 but they should tell you the cost on the phone.

I am in the South East of England and I asked my GP for a referral to a BSGE on 27 April and I saw the consultant last week, 26 May. I have confirmed endometriosis, not sure if that has something to do with it, but I was impressed with how soon I got an appointment.

My waiting time is around 4 weeks the endo specialist had a back log of patients since he broke his leg on skiing trip and was off for 2 moths.

Great, thank you for your replies, the paying privately sounds like an option to consider, depending on what happens after my appt tomorrow :-)

I waited a few weeks to see a general gyne and then another 4 weeks to see a specialist... I then waited 2 weeks for my laparoscopy. I'm in the north east x

I waited about a month to get an appointment in an outpatients clinic at another GP surgery. I've now waited since that appointment on 4th Jan until now to get a date for my laparoscopy which is going to be on 1st July. I'm a bit worried that it won't be an endo specialist who sees me though.


I saw a general gynecology in Sept 15 and had a lararoscopy in Jan 16. I have since been referred to a endometriosis specialist who I saw on 10th May. I'm now waiting for a date for surgery but the surgeon has to get a bladder and bowel specialist involve too so I'm hoping I don't have to wait too long for a date

I live in the South East of England too. I have been on the waiting list for my operation since 03 March 2016.

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