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How long did you wait for referral?

I went to my GP last week and got my letter to book appointment ..21st August !!!

12/13 weeks it normal to take so long to see gynaecology ?

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Ur very lucky indeed as it can tack monthes on end or years iv been wating 5 years or more to get some where


Unfortunately, that's actually quite quick and within the national targets. Health boards have a target of 18 weeks from referral to 'treatment' but most experience a much longer wait than that. My first referral to gynae was about 4 months. There's been an issue with my endo being missed and I was told I'd need to be treated as a new referral and it's now 6 months wait but thankfully the surgeon has slotted me in but even then it's 8 weeks wait for me.

Lots of people also have issues trying to get their GP to even refer them to gynae.

This is all due to the NHS being vastly under funded.


Referred end of April back to the Consultant. Got an appointment for August that I cannot make, called the hospital and was told to ask for a different location which has a shorter wait time and am being seen mid June. Letter says that any op should be within 18 weeks of that appointment.


24 week in bristol i think. it sucks


I was waiting about 3-5 months to see a gynae. I’ve had to see about 5 different ones until I finally found a good gynae whose put me on the list for a lap which is another 23 week wait 🙄


Wow didn't realise the NHS has such long waiting times :(

I've had a hand problem and was sent a referral leaftlet to book an appointment and when I logged the large hospital had a wait time of 10 weeks, some of the local smaller hospitals had shorter waiting times of 2 weeks. I know gynae could be different, but it is a little annoying especially when you're in pain.

I went private for my endometriosis through work medical insurance and it was less than two weeks from seeing GP to seeing consultant, then another two weeks was the earliest I could have my lap; I don't think I'd have the patience otherwise :(


Sounds quite normal. The areas will all have different waiting times.

For my fertility appointment i was referred in beginning of May and seen in end of August 2016.

For my general gynaecologist appointment ( symptoms and a scan prompted fertility specialist to refer me) was 8week wait so was lucky there!

After my second lap ( endo my endo is recurring and on my rectum) I was referred by my fertility specialist to an endometriosis specialist; I was very very lucky as a cancellation appointment became available so my total wait for that was 3weeks!!! And my referral was sent just before Easter weekend!!! 😏

Have you asked to go on a cancellation appointment list? They do get cancellation appointments 😏

Good luck xoxo


40 week wait here... I wish I could have a 12-13 week would mean I’d have already been seen!


Yep - 4 month wait to see consultant and then another long wait for lap which has been cancelled once already. It has been the most stressful process!


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