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First lap feeling nervous


Hi, got first lap a week today feeling nervous 😬. Have been suffering with pain and pretty constant uti symptoms with no infection present eventually after my gp wouldn’t listen I went to a private clinic for consultation and consultant suspected endo, had a scan that showed blocked tube cyst and fibroids. I suffer from really bad hip pain and pelvic pain so getting a lap done to remove tube and have a look around 😬

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Your not alone mine is a week today! Although I'm not hopeful it will happen as I'm on the NHS and they seem to be canceling a lot of last minute ops at the mo.

I'm really nervous about what they will/not find I alter between I will be told I will have the worst case of endo they have ever seen to saying there is nothing wrong and the pain is all in my head!

I know what you mean I keep thinking something must be going on down below to have al the symptoms but scared at what they might find 😔 also I’m self employed so hopefull of a speedy recovery. I am also nhs dobreally hope they don’t cancel. Hope all goes well for you 😊

Hey, just a thought but uti symptoms without an actual uti might be interstitial cystitis, which is sometimes known as endo's evil twin.

I suffered this around the time of my initial diagnosis. I was lucky and able to get it under control quite quickly. Perhaps worth checking it out....?

Iona76 in reply to Starry

Thanks yeah I had read about that hopefully get some answers next week it’s a uro/gyni consultant doing the op xx

Hey, totally understand! I’m 11 days post my first lap, had cyst removed and discovered both tubes are blocked so now going for hsg. I’d recommend, comfy clothes - slippers (as bending over is tricky) - straws for drinks - ask for pain meds to take home (I got codeine and it def. helped) - get some laxatives (mild) as you will need them if you take codeine. Lots of cushions helped me as I cocooned myself in bed for the first few days. Any questions.... please ask. You’ll be fine - it’s surprising how tough our bodies are. Sending you big hugs and well wishes x

Thanks for all the advice 😊 I’m hoping to go back to work after the 2 weeks is that realistic having tubes removed and bladder investigation x

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