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Awaiting my first lap


Hi all I've been referred by gp to have a laparocopy to see if I have endo. One I'm slightly worried that they won't find anything and it's all in my head .

My symptoms are.

painful period with heavy bleeding (irregular)

pain in groins either side

Pain leading up to a bowel movement and passing bowel moment

Pain during and after sex

I no will not get an answer till had the lap but just need some reassurance are these all typical symptoms

Secondly how long did you all wait for your first lap I've been told it be 15 week after referral to have a consultation I'm just getting impatient and wanting answers

Ems x

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To be honest I think we have all felt like this at some point and the reason being that you get pushed from pillar to post and get fobbed off by not only gp's but by general gyni's as there is a Hugh lack of understanding but yes you know your own body better than anybody and you know what your feeling is very real so follow your gut instincts and stick with it..

Before my 1st lap my consultant wrote to my gp and said he was going to do a laporoscopy but he felt there was a high chance of it being normal but low and behold he found endo on my ureter and my left ovary was adhered to my pelvic sidewall?!?!? So it was a BIG 2 fingers up to him!

I'm now going for treatment this Saturday (shitting myself) with a specialist yay I'm hoping this this dr is a miracle worker. Xx

Best of luck sharon

I'm having my lap next week and I had my first gynae appt in jan - they tried hormonal treatment first but that didn't help so now having diagnostic lap

You know your body - push for a lap so you know what's going on x

in reply to Leesac21

My gp had me on hormone for 3 month before she finally did referral but I will Deffo push them x


Think we all have felt like you before our lap. I did with both of mine. Best not to worry about it, easier said than done though. Your symptoms do sound like endo.

I only had to wait a couple of weeks for my 2nd lap, I was told 15 weeks too and thought it would take longer as I had 2 different surgeons to do my lap. It was good as I never had anytime to think about it as was so busy trying to get caught up at work/training someone to do my work & getting the housework/washing & ironing up to date.

Hope you don't have to wait too long x

Hey Emma,

I was in the same boat as you with similar symptoms (in fact less symptoms than you) and had a lap last week, where they did find stage 3 endo.

I was so scared they wouldn't find anything and it was in my head, but also scared of bad news at the same time! So I know exactly how you feel! But you're definitely doing the right thing and I feel so much better now I know what I'm dealing with, even though the diagnosis is hard to come to terms with. The symptoms you list are not things you should normally feel or have to deal with, so are definitely worth investigating.

Good luck, I hope you get the lap soon and get your answers xx

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