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Lap diagnosis - nervous


Hi all. I have my Lap diagnosis on Friday and I’m nervous of what to expect/ what to find out. If someone could share their experiences I think it would help a lot. I know we are all different, but I want to be ready for anything.

I am getting the lap done by my Gyno, I have had IBS like symptoms, pain during sex, pelvic pain, and my bladder has discomfort when I go pee...

Thank you all so much!

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Hi Carolina 😊

I’ve copied and pasted a reply I gave someone the other day as I wrote a few tips down for their first lap - I hope you find some of this useful.

I’ve just had my 6th lap and These are some of the tips I’ve learnt along the way..

I have answered questions about laps a few times so if you were to look through my ‘replies’ there will be a number of threads where myself and other people on here have given our ‘tips’ which you may find useful.

A couple off the top of my head however are to take a pillow to hospital so that for the car ride home you can put the pillow between your stomach and your seatbelt as it is quite uncomfortable.

One of the worst pains after the lap is, in my opinion, the trapped gas pain in your shoulder blades as they fill your tummy up with gas to see better. Peppermint tea really helps to disperse the gas as does little walks around the house whenever you feel able. If you get severe pain in your shoulders rest assured in a few days it does pass! Try not to worry too much. Sleeping propped up on a pillow will help too.

Also your tummy will be very swollen probably for 2-3 weeks. This is completely normal but it’s good to have clothes ready that aren’t constricting in any way (I like dresses because of this reason) and leggings with a high waist band that isn’t too tight.

After the lap you will be quite constipated from the general anaesthetic and the pain killers so until your first bowel movement don’t eat anything too stodgy. I tend to stick to veggies and light meals. Also ask for some Lactulose or Laxido which are stool softeners. They ease the pressure on your tum and make everything a lot easier. And also drink lots of fluids. This helps your digestion but is also just a good idea.

Don’t be surprised if you have a bit of a hard time emotionally after the lap for a couple of weeks. Post-op blues are experienced by many people and it can be quite unexpected. Just try and stay in as-positive-a-mindset as possible. You will get better but you need to give yourself time to heal. This is completely normal!

In regards to healing. Best not to put too many expectations on yourself such as you *should* be feeling better by this date. Everyone is different and bodies heal at different rates. I usually take 2 weeks to feel better in myself but 6 to feel totally back to normal. By week 3 I can usually leave the house to do a few errands. Others will bounce back a lot quicker (maybe 2). But don’t overdo it. Round about 2 weeks off work/ uni/ life is about right, but 3 is more realistic.

Take your painkillers regularly as opposed to chasing the pain when it comes on. This way you will be far more comfortable and your body won’t have to catch up.

Take some sanitary pads and big comfy Bridget-Jones style knickers to hospital. You WILL wake up with the megalodon of sanitary towels stuffed downstairs and being able to change into something more discreet just makes you feel better or at least does in my case 😂

If possible have someone at home to help you for a few days. It’s just a lot easier if you don’t have to worry about cooking or fixing yourself a meal as those first couple of days can be a little disorientating and tough. Also it’s just nice to be looked after for a bit! Also maybe write down some things you can enjoy during recovery or put out some of your favourite DVDs so you don’t have to think about it too much in the initial few days after.

Also try and remember to ask if you will need a check up with a nurse for wound care, and whether you arrange this or if the hospital does and also when your post-op check up will be and who arranges this.

I hope you find some of that helpful and very best of luck xxxxxx

Faith27 in reply to Catness

I was about to reply and Catness you covered absolutely everything I could have ever said and more! What a lovely reply, please keep copying this info into people's posts - it certainly will help them to prepare. I would say I was pretty prepared for mine Tuesday but had I have seen this before, it would have been brilliant. Take care lovely xx

Catness in reply to Faith27

Thank you for saying that 😊 I’m glad I can be of some help. I hope you’re recovering well xxxx

Carolina88 in reply to Catness

Thank you so much for this!! I appreciate all the tips. I am V nervous about the outcome... will they be able to clean it out or will I be referred to an specialist :S ... either way, thank you <3

NewToEndo30 in reply to Catness

Thank you for this reply and tips. I had worked a couple out myself but the emotions one really helps! I wondered if I was being silly bursting into tears for no apparent reason.

Thank you xx

I have my diagnostic lap Wednesday nerves are starting to kick in a bit now lol but this post and the replies have definitely helped, I’m wishing you all the best Friday!!x

Good luck tomorrow!!!! Get back to us telling us how everything went <3 wishing u the best

Everything was fine and they don’t know why I’m in pain and told me they don’t need to see me again:( fingers crossed for you as it would be great to get answers I just unfortunately never this time, on a side note the pain is no where near as bad as I was expecting lol my daily pain is much worse than this x

I am glad nothing was found! but at the same time i am sorry you have no answers. Dont give up, keep seeing doctors and get to the bottom of it. <3 xo

Thanks so much I definitely will let me know how everything goes Friday x

Hi Carolina,

I also have my first lap diagnosis on Friday too! I feel ok at the moment but feel by Thursday I’ll be getting nervous doesn’t help my admission isn’t till 4pm that day so a lot of waiting about. My lap is being done by an endo specialist through a NHS private referral

Carolina88 in reply to rae02

Lap twins! I hope everything goes well. Get back and let me know how it went and I’ll do the same <3

rae02 in reply to Carolina88

Will definitely get back to you and let you know how I’ve gone on. Mine isn’t until the evening and hate the fact I’ve got to wait around all day. I feel more worried about the fact that if they don’t find anything then I literally don’t know what to do next. I’d rather there not be anything at all but I kind of now want an explanation for all this it has to be something.

Carolina88 in reply to rae02

You and me both. i should be praying for it not to be nothing, but i just cant! I need answers and i know i will be devastated if nothing is found. I totally understand you.

rae02 in reply to Carolina88

I’m exactly the same, I literally wouldn’t know where or what to do next. How long have you been suffering? Mines been about 3 years now and they always told me it was muscular but I’ve had stupid amounts of physio, chiropractors and osteopaths and never any better. I’ve had bloods, MRI and ultrasound and nothing at all

Carolina88 in reply to rae02

I have had stomach issues for a while...but started with pelvic pain, very bad bloating, and pain during sex about a year and a half ago. Bloating and cramp like pains is the worst for me...i get so bloated all my pants are tight! so frustrating...I have had a CT scan, ultrasounds and even a endoscopy and colonoscopy and nothing was found.

rae02 in reply to Carolina88

Mine always seemed to be my hip and I’ve struggled walking. But I’ve always suffered with bad periods I use to pass out but the back pain and cramps are always terrible. It wasn’t until I saw an osteopath and he mentioned it’s possible for menstruation to play a part in this pain so I kept diary. I feel like I’ve got constant period pain all the time. It gets really bad just before my period and usually calms down once I have my period but this time round it’s just not gone it goes all way down my leg too. I had appendicitis in 2010 and it kind of feels in a similar sort of place but obviously the pain is no where near as bad as appendicitis but similar in ways

Carolina88 in reply to rae02

Hi there how did everything go? Check my update comment below for how mine went!

Good luck with everything! I have my diagnostic lap on Tuesday and had my pre-op today! It’s all starting to feel real, and slightly scary, now. 💜💜💜

Carolina88 in reply to Lofty1589

Goodluck!!!! Is this next Tuesday? I will come back and give you any tips I can think of after mine is done on Friday <3

Lofty1589 in reply to Carolina88

Yep! 6 days to go. Oh, that would be wonderful if you can. Thank you so much 💜

Carolina88 in reply to Lofty1589

Hi there! Hope you’re doing well. Had my lap yesterday, check my update comment below!

Update : Had my Lap today. They found Endo and my gynecologist was able to clean up some of it. She also saw some on top of my uterus but she didn’t want to touch that...she is putting me on birth control and recommended to start thinking about babies! The sooner the better.

She only needed 2 incisions, pain isn’t that bad right now...just can’t do anything that involves my core.

Happy I got answers to my symptoms but also not thrilled about having this chronic illness.


rae02 in reply to Carolina88

Hey, I had mine done yesterday too I do have endometriosis but all I got was it was scattered around but not deep so not entirely sure exactly where it is. I have had 3 incisions made so far I’m not in much pain just feels like cramping which kind of similar to the pain I was getting. I have a follow up appointment in which we will discuss what happens next and where we go from here. In the mean time I just need to monitor how I am, I have a sick note for 2 weeks and I’ve been told not to exercise until 6 weeks time which by then I should have seen the consultant. Like yourself Carolina I’m not happy that I have endometriosis but least I finally have an explanation for all this pain I’ve been having for years

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