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Heavy bleeding?!

Hey guys.

Hope this finds you all as well as can be. I’m just looking for some advice!

So I was diagnosed with endo in October following a laparoscopy. I had a period after that which was heavy and painful, it lasted 7 days which is normal for me.

Then, 12 weeks had passed where I had no period, which is very unusual for me. I’m not taking any contraception or anything.

14 days ago, my period arrived and it wasn’t as painful as before the surgery, but now 14 days in I am still having really REALLY heavy bleeding 24 hours a day.

Is this normal? Should I make an appointment with my GP?

Please help! Any advice would be appreciated!

Take care,

J x

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I would give your gp a call or see if you can get an appointment. If gp is fully booked then u can always go through 111 and get some advice? Do you take tranexamic acid at all? My periods were heavy last summer and sometimes ten days long (ugghhh) but went onto tranny acid and my periods are shorter now. It's a clotting factors that just reduces the bleeding.or your doc might have other tricks up their sleeves to help. Doesn't sound like normal bleeding Hun.

Best of luck! And I hope you feel better soon and are all recovered from your lap xxxxx


Thank you so much for your reply! I think I just needed confirmation that it’s definitely not normal. I’ll make an appointment this week. I’ve heard of tranny acid but haven’t tried it, I’ll suggest this to my GP when I’m there.

Thank you so much again,

hope you are well !! Xxx


Think my autocorrect had a little interfere there but it's tranexamic acid, I must call it tranny acid more than I realised lol!!

Best of luck to you, I hope you get an appointment soon and it all gets sorted. Are you on any contraceptive pill? As that might help too.



Thanks again Hannah27,

Currently I’m not on birth control. I’m going to see my GP tomorrow so hopefully he will be able to help with the heavy bleeding (which is still going on) as well as advising me on the contraceptive pill. I was given the advice after my lap that I should be on cerazate, then my doctor recommended cillest, so I’m a bit confused!

Thanks again xx


Ah they are both progesterone only pills so not much difference in it I don't think. Fingers and toes crossed for you that you get something sorted really soon 😘 xx


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