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Mirena IUD not working, stick with it or try something else?

Hi everyone, I'm new here so I just wanted a bit of advice on different types of treatment.

My story: (apologies it's a bit long)

I was diagnosed with endometriosis in February 2016. Since I was 18 I had awful periods and pelvic pain even though I was on the pill but I felt it was more than just period pain so I went to my gp about it. This then lead to 3 years of being sent to different places and no answers until I finally pushed for a laproscopy because I was convinced after doing research that endo was the cause which eventually turned out I was right and I had endo removed. However after my lap I was never given any information on the stage I was at, how bad it was or treatment advice. They just discharged me and sent me home with no follow up. I just felt clueless and lost after being told I had this chronic illness but then no support or information was offered so I went back to my gp who then suggested the mirena coil. The pain once I did have this fitted has been excruciating to the point where I ended up in A&E but I was told they can't take it out and I need to give it time and take cocodamol. It never went and 7 months later I am still struggling I have terrible pelvic pain and really heavy bleeding at times and it's really getting me down. I'm unsure if my endo has come back or this is all because of the coil, I have had this checked since and they said it's doing its job and it's all fine but I know something is not right. I'm not sure whats normal with endo as I have never had it explained to me properly by my GP or given any kind of advice. I kind of feel failed by how my GP/surgeon has handled all of this. Has anyone else felt like this with their doctors or had issues with the mirena where it's just made things worse or has anyone got any advice on what to do next?

Any advice is appreciated, Thanks

Bec :)

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