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Non-stop nerve pain - something wrong with mirena?

Hi all. It's been a while since I have posted here.

A year ago, I had the mirena coil fitted in an attempt to treat my endo. After about 6 months, it started helping. However a month after it was fitted I developed nerve pain in my pelvis, horrible pain that feels like electricity and makes me feel sick. I was admitted to hospital in the most agony I have ever been in, severe endo inflammatory type pain with nerve pain as well. The gynecologist concluded that the mirena had caused this nerve pain and put my on amitriptyline (75mg a night). It helped, but the nerve pain never went away, but was managable.

Over the last few months my symptoms have worsened and I have been in quite a lot of pain. My nerve pain has got really really bad, and over the last two weeks its got to the point that I am in constant pain, like I am being electrocuted from the inside! It is so painful and its not going away. I'm worried that this is being caused by my mirena and that its going to have to come out, because I honestly feel like it might be doing some damage in there.

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm hoping to get hold of my specialist nurse tomorrow so will hopefully get some advice. Not sure how much longer I can bear this pain though.

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I had similar pain, but not has bad I had the mirena removed and felt so much better, im on a contraceptive pill called zelleta use to be called cerazette it helps more than the coil but still get electric type pain when due on, hope you get this sorted xx


Thank you for your reply, I'm glad to hear that the pill has helped you more than the mirena did. Hopefully will get some help from my specialist if she gets back to me soon xx


I do hope so, wish you good luck x


Hi - can you send me a private message with your endo history to see if you should be having different treatment. What investigations have you had and what was done? Click on my username and read my post on endo and its many symptoms and on pouch of douglas endo to see what you identify with x


Thank you, just about to PM you x


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