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Had first op just over 2 weeks ago....been diagnosed with endo... Is it normal to experience the stuff below after the op and mirena coil?

Still on strong pain killers and pain comes through sometimes also. At the first op just over 2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with endo on the womb and adhesion's on the bowel (they don't know if the bowel is endo related). I am surprised I am still recovering from the op, I don't know if it is the op itself or the mirena coil that I had put in at the same time. Can the mirena coil cause a lot of pain and dark spotting quite regular? Is that my body getting used to it?


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Hello, I have had five laps now and it always takes me ages to get over them. When I say ages I mean it takes me at least a month before I’m no longer exhausted just walking around the supermarket. I had my last lap in August and although I am back in my jeans (now the swelling has gone down, although that takes longer than you expect) the idea of wearing something like a pair of tights makes me feel physically sick. I’m only a size 10 and it’s not because I’m bloated or anything it’s the pressure on my tummy, it always takes me months to get back into tights.

I have never had the coil but from what I know the coil does take a few months to settle down and in that time it thins the lining of your uterus so the spotting/ bleeding is to be expected as well as some pain. However I’m sure if you do a search on here you will find some more posts about the coil that should put you mind at rest.



Okay, thank you for your reply. At least I don't feel like I am going insane now. So the tiredness/ lack of energy side of things could be that I am still recovering from the op. But the pain and spotting could be from the Mirena coil. I will look into it. Thank you xx


Hi Rebecca

I'm on my 3rd mirena coil. My spotting/bleeding has always been dark in colour. Been told for the last 12 years that it's normal, it's just old blood. I don't think you should be concerned about it.

In my experience it takes your body a good 6 weeks to get used to the coil and for the spotting to stop. I only experienced pain and cramping for the first couple of days after insertion. The pain could be just your bits recovering from all the poking about during surgery. Give yourself some time to recover from your lap but if it becomes uncomfortable/too painful contact your GP.



Hi thanks for your reply. I went to the doctors and the doctor said it could take up to 3 months max for your body to fully adjust to the coil, which includes bleeding/spotting. But while spotting, pretty much everyday, it is very painful.. So for the time being I have to remain on strong pain killers and time will tell I guess. Its strange because it will be 3 weeks on Thursday after the op and mirena fitted and I still have a lot of pain.. x


Hello again Rebecca,

I've found 4 and a bit weeks after having my mirena inserted I'm still spotting & bleeding as you probably saw in my post.

I've also had some problems with pain. Try taking some ibuprofen & paracetamol to see if it helps. I also recommend hot water bottles :).

Hope you feel better soon x



I am currently on naproxen's and co codamals to help with pain. Having pain everyday since op and spotting everyday a week after the op.. not sure if things are worse from op or if its the mirena? Having a lot of bowel pain when I eat etc as well as womb, but I understand all these organs are very close. But I did have an adhesion removed from bowel, so I don't know what happening. But I guess that could be the mirena? time will tell I guess.

Ah okay so the spotting is normal? I guess when I have spotting, is when I have the most pain, but that doesn't explain the bowel pain etc... confusing. I want to be referrered to a bowel specialist again, but the doctors think i need to recover more as they think its the mirena, but i could be a seperate issue..

Sorry to hear you've had problems with pain also, it is difficult, what would we do without pain killers ay.. was it your first op and when did your symptoms start etc?

Ah water bottles are so good! Thanks for your advice.

I hope you feel better soon too, and that you see the right doctors and you get the best help. xx


Bowel pain I think is understanfable, especially seeing as they've been routing around in there looking for endo. I also found for the first 2 weeks I was pretty constipated because I was worried about straining and hutting myself. Do you think that could be the case with you too?

I too get pain whilst spotting so I'd say that's normal. Only worry if bleeding becomes heavy accompanied with a foul smelling discharge and or fever - you'd need to see your GP at that point.

It was my first op and my symptoms of endo started at around 14-15. It began with the pain and then other symptoms developed on top of that.

Same goes to you hon :) xx


Hmm I guess so. I haven't got any problem going to the toilet regarding the bowel etc. Just pain and worse when I eat. All linked really, womb pain, bowel pain etc.. After my body gets used to the mirena, if i still have the pain I will look into it more.

Okay thanks. What level of pain would you say your pain is with mirena and op. After naproxen's and co codamols I am sometimes still in pain.. Just to understand if that level of pain is normal.

Ah okay, yeah my symptoms increased also. I hope things will start to look up now as there is more clarity for both of us and there is a diagnosise that is recognised with treatments to help.



Ooh I don't know then. Perhaps try lighter meals to begin with? I didn't eat properly for the first few days after my op because I felt a fullness in my stomach and nauseous.

My level to begin with was probably a 9. I'd say its down to 5-6 now but I do remember at the 2 week stage still being in a considerable Amount of discomfort.

Yeah we have to try remain positive I suppose ~ at least we have answers and those answers can be treated as deemed appropriate by doctors xx


Hi, I'm just under 2 weeks since my second laparoscopy, although this is the first one where they actually removed anything, shaving endo off the bladder and bowel, and getting rid of adhesions and nodules and all sorts apparently.  Oh and an ovary out for good measure! I also had the mirena coil inserted and am having the same as you, spotting blood and pain every time I pass urine or have my bowels open, and then occasionally a stabbing like someone ramming a redhot poker up my bum.  I don't know how to tell what is surgery and what is the coil - but hopefully we will see the benefits soon!  Keep taking the pain relief.  I'm going to source a wheat bag over the weekend so that when I go back to work I can stink out the office :D  Keep your chin up honey xxx


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