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Bowel endo or something else?

I usually have bowel pain and rectal bleeding during my period but since Wednesday I've been having a lot of bowel pain and diarrhoea. Last night the pain got worse especially in one specific place just to the lower left of my belly button. It's worse when I stand up/sit down, bend over, walk etc. I'm not having a period at the mo as tricycling the pill since my lap in March (have moderate endo on my right pelvic wall and ovary)

The pain was so bad in the night I called the out of hours doctor. They thought it was probably gastroenteritis but to go to my doctor so they could have a feel of my tummy. So did as suggested but my doctor wasn't sure what's happening! She thinks it could be endo.

I wondered if anyone has suffered similar bowel problems due to endo? Also how is bowel endo treated?

I would be really grateful for any help/advice :o)

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It's worth asking for a coeliac blood test. I've noticed a lot of women have coeliac disease and endometriosis and they're often missed as docs blame IBS or pass the buck onto the other department. Either way it needs to be checked out.


Thanks for your reply Fiona. I had an endoscopy last year to test for coeliac disease which was clear.


I suffer really bad with my bowels, this is due to Endo adhesions on my bowel. Currently I am taking meds to help which to some element had helped.


I suffer really badly with my bowel, just like what you have said. It changed all though the month. When im due on a period it bleeds i feel like i really need the toilet but when i go its just like this mucous stuff that is slimy with bits of blood in. then i get constipated for about a week, then after that its normal bowel movelments but very few. Then its a week of diarrhoea then back to the horrible mucous.

The pain is very bad, i get burning in my bowel and up my back - makes me feel sick, also gets worse when i have something to eat.

Ive has a lap done, where i have severe stage 4 endo, the whole of the bowel, uterus, bladder and ovaries are covered. Ive has an MRI scan which shows enlargement of the bowel and all of the above too, i now have to have a Colonoscopy to see if it grew thorugh the bowel (likely with the bleeding) and in that case have to have major bowel surgery where they will cut some of the bowel away and leave me with a temporary Colostomy bag. Im 25 and got my diagnosis in Jan 12. Just gutted it got so bad...

Only found out as we were trying for a baby and have been well over 2 years.

Hope this helps


Hey i am in much the same situation ive suffered from endo for the last 5 years and the past 6 wekks have been torture, The doc thinks that my endo has alot to do with it but wants to rule ou Crohn's and Coeliac Disease so have sent bloods away to rule them out, so yeh i would go and ask for the test to be done.

Hope things work out. x


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