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Pain low down in pelvis on the left hand side

This might be long winded, so please bare with me! I’ll try and keep it as short as I can...

I got diagnosed with endometriosis in March last year (2017) after a laparoscopy. My surgeon said it weren’t severe but there was enough. For a while, maybe 5/6 months or so, it seems to have settled down. My periods were still painful and awful but I put that down to maybe my body still recovering from the surgery.

Around September time, maybe slightly earlier, the constant aches started coming back. Constant, all month round, dull period pain type aches. Then about a month ago, I started getting frequent sharp ache pains on my lower abdomen/pelvis region on the left, right next to my hip bone. It would only last a minute or two, and would go. It happened often during the day, but as the pain subsided quite quickly I didn’t think anything of it.

Since the weekend, on Saturday just gone, the sharp pain came, and after waiting a few minutes for it to go, it didn’t. It’s still here now, but slowly getting worse. I’ve also come on this morning which has increased the pain... Every position is uncomfortable. The only position I’d get slight relief from is sitting slightly reclined with my left knee bent towards my chest. Every other position - lying down, standing still or walking about, sitting any other way - aggravates the pain.

It’s got to a point of where I’m feeling nauseous when I move, and faint when I stand up and hobble about. I struggled with the Endo for at least 3 years before the surgery and I’ve never had a constant pain in my lower left pelvis that feels like someone is twisting a knife. Nothing I have tried has helped so far - hot water bottles, hot baths, etc. The pain is too deep for the heat to have an effect. Anti inflammatories like Diclofenac and Naproxen haven’t helped either.

I posted about the same issue a day or two ago in a different topic. I was wondering whether anybody else had any advice or similar problems that they’ve had an answer to. I really appreciate every reply, and I’m sorry for how long this post has become!

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I would ask your GP for an ultrasound scan because I have had very similar symptoms with an endometrioma cyst on my left ovary. I don't want to worry you especially as it might not be that but would be good to rule it out (although sometimes the ultrasound scans don't pick up cysts and the only way to know for sure is another lap). On the other hand, it might not be related to endo so it would be good to get other things checked out too.

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You must be desperate! So first things first, pain relief- have you tried mefenamic acid or tranexamic acid? Naproxen did nothing for me but these did help as they work on the prostaglandin pathway. Also wondering if you’ve read much about diet and the effect it can have on pain due to getting the right prostaglandins and reducing the bad kind. If you’re interested I can recommend a few reads.

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Go see your doctor!! Get some help, my Endo attached my left ovary to my colon and mangled my left Fallopian tube. So from time to time I would have horrible pain. Good luck

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