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Left side pain and pressure


Morning everyone

Needing a bit of advice, for the last few weeks I have had severe left side pain in hip, ovary and back. I am not constipated but any pressure when going to the toilet or passing wind and urine can be quite painful where it takes my breath away.

I had a lap in 2015 where my gynae removed a cyst and found endometriosis on both sides and burnt away as much as he could. I was pain free for about a year when the pain started coming back. I also experience a sharp pain in bum sometimes when having intercourse. Usually after sex I suffer for a few days then fades a bit. It's been a few weeks now and pain hasn't gone. Can sometimes hurt when going to sIt down and stand up. Sorry for too much info. I am currently awaiting appt for another lap and if ok to do so they will perform a full hysterectomy. In the meantime I will be getting injection with hrt (second time) to help ease the pain. They think it could have spread. I'm just wandering if anyone else experiences this kind of pain. I cannot lie at all on left hand side and wandering if endo could now be on pouch of douglas. Sorry for long post but friends don't understand. Partner is amazing but hate going on and hard to hold back tears sometimes.

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Hi warney2411

I'm sorry to see that you are struggling with painful symptoms at the moment, I hope your surgery helps. If you feel you could use someone to talk to you could try ringing our Helpline, it is staffed by volunteers who all have experience of endometriosis. The Helpline number is 0808 808 2227. Opening times can be found on our website endometriosis-uk.org/helpline.

Best wishes

Lynne - Endometriosis UK

Thank you

Hello lovely

I had the same symptoms as you. Had a lap a week ago tomorrow. It was on both my pelvic side walls, pouch of Douglas, rectovaginal septum, uterovesical pouch, right abdominal wall and bilateral endometriosis ureterolysis excised. I also had endometriomas on each ovary.

Is your surgery being done by a BSGE specialist? If yours is deep like mine was they might not look there?

I hope your surgery eases your pain. Feel free to message me if you need to talk xx

Thank you for replying. I have an amazing surgeon well actually there are 2 of them who I have met with regularly. They have advised they will have a look but if not straight forward enough to complete hysterectomy I will be referred to another hospital which have the bsge centre for surgery to be carried out. They have a feeling could be attached to bowel and other organs but will know once they do the lap. How do you feel now you have the diagnosis? It's a horrible condition to have. What will be the next stage be for you now? Thank you nice to talk to someone who understands endometriosis xx

Hi I am satnam123 I have had endometrisis for 10 years now I was against hysterectomy was I was 30 so I had the surgery and then went on to decpeptal injection every 12 weeks and on nortistrone tablets 3 times a day and I feel a lot better now, if u want u can ask your Dr to try u on this treatment, c if u can wait for the op because if u feel better u may not need the op then have a chat with your Dr and c wat he say tc xx

Hi satnam. Thanks for replying. I have been on injections before and they helped.I am totally not against hysterectomy as I can no longer have children due to a brain condition which has left me on a lot of medication and crutches etc. They are only letting back on injections reluctantly as they interfere with the meds I'm on. I have a wonderful son who is now 13 (I'm 39 this year) took 3 years to concieve. I'm more concerned now as to where the endometriosis may have spread and wondered if anyone else had these symptoms. I'm glad you have gotten help with yours and I hope it continues to work for you xxx

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