Recovery from lap? When can I return from work?

Got my first lap on Thursday, my consultant said recovery is between one to two weeks and when I can do an emergency stop, I'm a community worker so need to be able to drive, I have already had a lot of time off work so hoping to go back asap, just wondering how long after people were able to return to work and wanted to get an real idea of recovery time? Thanks x

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  • I had mine on the 2nd March, I went back to placement last Monday but it was way too soon so had a day off, went back again and am really regretting it today. Wish I'd have stayed off longer. I would say you need at minimum 2 weeks possibly 3 but then I guess it depends on the person and how physical your job is, I would say don't worry about going back as you need as much time off as possible but I understand how you feel as I felt like I had to go back. Hope that helps a bit :)

  • Hi I'm a nurse and work twelve hour shifts on a busy ITU. I had laparoscopy for large dermoid cyst removed also took ovary out. I took 4 weeks off

  • Hi ive had 2 laparoscopies and had 2 and 3 weeks off depending on what had been done during the procedure. Dont rush back too soon. Xx

  • Im 5weeks post 2nd lapo. Im not returning till next week. Have done some driving but still really ache and feeling very tired. Everyone feels different so best wait and see how you feel xx

  • Hi, I had an emergency lap op three weeks ago this Wed for a ruptured dermoid cyst and they found lots of endo which they excised. My GP signed me off for 4 weeks with by note running out on 26 March (Thursday of next week). He said (as advice on here has said) everyone is different and it varies from two up to 8 weeks in his experience. I'm only now starting to feel normal and able to move around but it's very different feeling like that at home vs being at work. I'm still very tired and have sharp pains sometimes And not really been out the house so going to try and do normal stuff this week to build up strength. I have a demanding job mentally so want to ensure I'm 100% mentally and physically before I go back. At times, I'm a little emotional which I'm told is normal after a fairly long op.

    Listen to your body and don't rush back. Maybe a phased return for the first few weeks? Take care

  • I'd say a good 4-6 weeks really. Depending on whether or not you need to have more than just them having a nosey! I had about 6 weeks off with mine as I had internal healing to do. One of my wounds got a but infected too. It's easy to over-do it and think you'll be feeling better before you are. Just take it slowly and day by day to see how you feel. If youve had quite a bit of time off work then-I'm positive if you just explain to them that you're recovering from an op that they will understand! Xx

  • Thanks for all the replies, I guess my expectation to be back at work exactly 13 days after the lap is a bit optimistic then. I wonder how long the sick note will be for, them new they will give me on the day? Thanks for all your advise, I won't rush back x

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