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Gynae appt next week


This is my first time writing on here, I've been finding all of the information everyone has written about so helpful.

I've had terrible period pains since they started when I was 11 yrs old, I was put straight on the contraceptive pill which seemed to control the pain. I've used different pills and i started suffering with Migraines. 3 years ago I was put on Micronor which completed stopped my periods for 2 years which was bliss but unfortunately about a year ago they just appeared regularly and have been very painful...to the point I've had to miss work and cancel social plans etc. I never go to my GP so I put up with it for a few months but eventually caved in and went to seek some advice, the first GP I saw said I'm describing symptoms of Endo and I should be investigated asap as I'm 23 and it can effect my fertility! Because this was such a shock I paid privately to see a Gynae consultant 2 days later, she said it does sound like Endo but firstly I should try getting the Mirena coil fitted whilst I wait to see her on an NHS ref.

I went to get the mirena coil fitted and in short, it did not suit me. I was curled up in terrible pain for 7 days which wasn't improving, the sexual health dr said the mirena coil was fitting to snuggly inside me and was hitting things it should be so i had it taken out after a course of antibiotics didn't work.

Since I saw the Gynae consultant in May my pain is now more than when I'm just on my period. I get alot of pain day to day and also when I have bowel movements. I'm also now bleeding every 2 weeks which is so annoying.

I'm due to see the same consultant but on the NHS next week, I've been waiting since May so looking forward to finally have it but slightly apprehensive about what may happen. As much as I don't want a laparoscopy because i'm nervous I also don't want to have any investigations that may not show if I do or do not have Endo. When I saw the consultant for the first time she made it sound like the coil would improve my periods and that would be it, so i'm nervous she may brush me off.

Does anyone have any tips or any questions I can be prepared with for my appt next week?

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I meant to say hitting things it shouldn't be!


Hey, I know it's tough but it's so important to get that laparoscopy to show for once and for all whether you have endometriosis. I had very few symptoms before finding out, so really there's no such thing as a woman's symptoms 'sounding' like endometriosis. There are lots of other things it could be, actually, so your health professionals are showing a lack of knowledge, unfortunately. I would say...

1. Focus on getting the investigations done, try not to think of the 'what-if's'.

2. Get the pain relief and period relief you need ASAP. It hurts to get the Mirena in, but it may be worth it. In my case, it did lighten my periods.

Big love to you, and hope you feel better soon.

Farah x


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