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Can endo cause my periods to basically stop? Advice needed :(

Hey everyone! I would really appreciate advice as I’ve looked online and haven’t found anyone asking this and it’s worrying me...

Quick background ... Periods aged 11 to 18 very heavy and painful. I tried various types of birth control from age 18 to 23, helped at the beginning then periods came back heavy after a while. Beginning of this year I stopped everything to give my body a break surprisingly I had regular, not overly heavy periods despite the pain. However the issue started about 6 months ago...

The pain got extremely severe and I also missed a period. Since this change my period each month has got lighter and it’s also getting shorter. It has got to a point that this month it was only 2 days of spotting which is only noticed when I wipe after the toilet. The pain remained the same until this period when I had no pain at all! I am currently waiting on a lap.

I’m starting to get really worried, can endo cause this and if not what could?? Thanks!

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My periods were all over the place before and after my lap. I have endo and have had 2 laps for this. Basically I could go 6 months with no period just brown spotting. Still had the overwhelming period pains with about one week out of four with no pain x


Sorry you had to go through that I hope it’s resolved itself now! I’m the same only it’s still red rather than brown. It’s crazy what endo can do to your body, it can get worrying! I think to put my mind at ease I’m going to ask my Gp about it. x


Yes keep go back to GP that’s what they are there for. Even if it’s just for piece of mind x


meant to ask did you ever have a pain free month while this was going on? Strangely for the first time I didn’t this month... wondering if you experienced this before? x


No unfortunately. If it wasn’t constant cramps, it was bowel issues. But some people are different. One month pain free must have been heaven for you x


Hi Ella

I started my period age 11 and they were always heavy and painful (lasted 7 days) I went on the microgynon pill at age 19. So very similar to you.

The pill made them shorter (5 days) and less painful.

Over the last year my periods became more painful again. With pain being 3 weeks out of 4. I am still on microgynon.

The last 5 months my periods have gone down to 2 days.

When I told this to my gynae she said she wasn’t put off or surprised by this. It’s not just heavy bleeding that you get with endo.

I still find it strange it’s got so much lighter, still don’t understand where it’s going or gone.

Anyway I had a lap and they didn’t find any endo. I’m having an MRI beginning of January so maybe that will bring an explanation.

Just wanted to say ‘yes, I experience the same thing as you’



Thanks for the reply i was having a “it’s just me” moment lol it’s good to know this because I always thought you could only have heavy periods with endo!

That’s what is worrying me too, where it’s going or it’s even doing what it’s meant to each month. have you still had as much pain?

Sorry the lap didn’t have the answers, I hope you find out soon! It’s all so frustrating... I have to wait up to another 9 months for mine. Let me know how it works out with the mri, I’d love to know a solution to this. Maybe it isn’t endo for me either... either way good luck :) x


Oh yes, pain is just the same. So I feel like I need to release a lot but it just comes out so ‘pathetic’ lol

Bloating all the same. All most no satisfaction after the period (if you know what I mean)

Don’t get me wrong heavy periods were horrible but these are just concerning because it’s a big change.

Il be sure to post about mri and results.

A lot of people on here have had negative laps, so I hope my experience can encourage them to try something else to get to the bottom of it.


Hey, Iv had this recently. Been on the pill for four year as I had extremely heavy periods, I had a laparoscopy and coil fitted last year, after 9months I had the coil out and back on the pill...Iv had three periods since. First one was so so heavy and the last two took forever to start and I was light.

I think it is normal, endometriosis can completely change your cycle. I used to have two periods a month, some where heavy some weren't. But for peace of mind contact your gp if your worried xx


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