Endo, Loss of periods, hoping to conceive

Hi everyone I'm new on here. So interesting reading through everyone's posts and questions I could literally be on here all day. I have recently been diagnosed with stage 4 endo after years of seeking help for irregular periods, extreme abdomen distention, constipation/insomnia for about a week every month, and everyday light brown discharge (Sorry TMI) and chronic back pain. After my partner and I trying for 2 years with no luck (of that I didn't have a period for 8 months (so no wonder) then with medication - Provera to bring on a period - which did its job the first month then my body got into its own rhythm and I took Clomid every month to bring on ovulation) still no luck. Finally we have an answer!!! booked in for surgery next month but have had no period again for 4 months - so stressing about fertility after. Could be the stress. I'm a 31 year old healthy, fit with normal body weight. Hoping after surgery we fall pregnancy naturally and don't need IVF. I've been suggested to take Provera again for 10 days on and then give it a break to bring on a bleed...has anyone had any luck with this when their periods stopped. Love to hear from anyone who has a similar story :) Thankfully my ovarian reserve is high so lots of wee eggs just cant get out because of the endo


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