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Should I still be this sore?! (After lap)

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I had my laparoscopy/ hysteroscopy last Tuesday. I’ve read lots of people feeling much better in 3 days or so, today I’m getting sharp pains and not feeling better to be honest. Is this normal? Beginning to worry about infection etc 😰 how long before anyone was not feeling pain.

I had a cyst Removed and biopsy’s from lining of womb taken. 🤔

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(The pains I’m getting are like sharp shooting and pinching pains, they’ve only started today. The rest of the time it’s been like sore muscle aches)

You're only a week post op so the pains you're feeling can be completely normal as each person recovers at different rates. If you are still worried about an infection then pop along to your GP for them to check to see you're healing ok.

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Ok thank you, I don’t have a particular reason to think it’s an infection, just the fact the pain is different than it has been this week.

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I had my diagnostic lap 2 and a half weeks and I'm still very sore but had to go back to work bc of cash. The nurse told me I probably shouldn't be back, especially working with kids but the doctor said I could, I'm a lot better this week compared to last tho so I guess it's one of those things that gets better with time and rest x

I am Day 6 post lap and still have pain around the incisions Etc. I have the pain you described but not as much as Day 3/4. I cried when trying to use the loo and it was pain I had never experienced in that gravity (I get pain when trying to use loo during my period). Decided to go to Tesco to yesterday (didn’t lift anything) and then a meal at a friends. The result was pain and was unable to stand upright by the end of the day, I’m having to take 2 weeks off work. Standing still hurts and moving around. Healing is different for everyone. Just take good care of yourself and rest up xxx

Thanks guys, I just feel like as they didn’t find endo in me I should have healed faster! 🤔

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Christ!!! I had lap 4

Months ago. It took me 21/2 weeks to feel ok and go back to work! So ur not healing slow or got infection it normal... they say in hosp it should be 2-3 days to feel better but it doesnt! I still couldnt move properly and my gut was black and blue for a week

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Ah thanks for replying, I just read a few posts and then on google saying about recovery in days and here I am still lying in bed! 🙈did you have a lot done during your lap or was is diagnostic like mine?

I needed to lay in bed for much longer than google seemed to think and I had minor ablation. Listen to your body x

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No i just had a diagnostic lap... i asked my friend whose a nurse afterwards on about day 5 if i was normal as i was still bloated, sore and black and blue and she said “ even though they say it a minor procedure thats just coz they do it keyhole not cut u open but she said they still rummage in ur inside for 30-45 mins!!, they say u should b up in 2-3 days coz they do want u up, walking about pottering indoors,thats what they mean that why they sign u off for 2 weeks coz they know ur not gona b doin cartwheels” then she proceeded to tell me “

Oh and b careful ur prob get bladder infection most do”

And within 3 days i had one so think that put me back aswell.

So your not behind or not healing well ur totally normal. My stitches took 7 weeks to go in belly button and that normal to..

So b patient with urself

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