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Hurts to wee, 8 days after lap


Not feeling wonderful, and 8 days later thought I'd be feeling better than this.

I am still getting up in the night to urinate, and it hurts when I go. I had frequent urination before the lap as my cyst (9cm) was pushing on my bladder. Now I have pain too.

Should this have calmed down by now, or is it common?

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Hi, this can be common, I found it painful to wee all day everyday after my lap for a couple of months, it should pass with time.

Yep I had the same thing I got worse pain with weeing after lap that I had in April have been referred to urologist now as maybe have endo in bladder they are also checking for kidney stones ????? I had endo removed from left uterosacral ligament think that's what the worse pain was , maybe ??? What did they do during your lap ? Also if inside it is all swollen and there will feel like extra pressure everywhere so will take quite a while to calm down after lap , maybe ?

I was told that they removed a cyst from my right ovary (9cm), the cyst was adhered to my uterus. They found endo on my cervix and on (I think) the back wall of my uterus. I was told that they removed some of it, but not all, by ablation. I've requested the operative report from the Health Records Manager at the hospital, so when I get that I'll know in full what happened. I was told before the op that the cyst had filled my POD and had pushed my bladder into an unnatural position and distorted the bladder neck.

It's now 13 days post op, and urination seems to vary a lot. Sometimes it really hurts and comes out slowly/seems obstructed or like the bladder may be retaining. At other times, it flows well and there's no pain. The pain is usually internal, but occasionally external, i.e. where the urine exits my body.

It seems to be that it gets worse throughout the day. I suspect that it's better if I go when my bladder is very full, it sort of seems that way. Sometimes I feel as if I can't tell for sure if I need to pee or if the bloating is making me feel like I have a full bladder.

So, yes - it's not 'back to normal', but I suppose it's only a couple of weeks after the surgery... I'm hoping it's usual for the bladder to continue to feel wrong for a while.

Any thoughts welcome.

Yep i still have the same thing 6 months after lap , but hopefully yours wont be the same mine worse at night and yes I never know when I need to go alwaysfeel pressure and have occasionally randomly wet myself when i dont even feel like I need to go, but generally have very strong pelvic floor and never leak its really odd . Hopefully yours will calm down soon maybe it just the disturbance to your bladder during the op and the scarring settling down. Hopefully when you get the report you'll know more :)

Just to update, I'm now just over 3 weeks post lap. I'm still having pain during urinating and the feeling that I'm not sure if I need to go or not. Sometimes I feel my bladder is full, then I pass only a tiny amount; and sometimes it feels like my bladder may be retaining.

I'm now approaching my first period since the lap, and as my PMS symptoms come on, my frequent urination at night is returning (I got up to pee 4 or 5 times last night).

At what point do you say that this isn't simply post-op problems - and is something that I should talk to my GP about?

When is your post operation consultation with the surgeon? Normally it will take a few months for your body to heal. Maybe it is worth to check that you do not have UTI?

I had part of my bladder removed 2 months ago. My bladder is slowly improving over time. The consultant seems to be confident every thing would be fine in the long run.

BTW The first period after the op could be pretty uncomfortable. I would take painkillers well before hand. I was surprised by the amount of discomfort.

Hope your are getting better soon.

mountaincat in reply to Stellauk

post op consultation is in about 3 weeks.

Thanks for the tip about preparing for the first period! I hope all goes well with your recovery x

Hugs, don't know if it is of any use but i've had similar issues possibly due to IC. I've found drinking plenty (urine is an irritant), a change to organic sanitary liners/towels and a change to a totally bland sensitive shower cream helped ease things a little during flare ups. x

mountaincat in reply to Starry

Thanks for the advice. It does seem to me that when I drink more water it feels better (unless there's a lot of bloating).

I recently changed to Natracare tampons and towels - I had no idea about the bleach and chemicals in other products, but I won't be going back now that I am aware..

I'll bring this up with the consultant when I see him, hopefully it's all a part of recovery and nothing else.

Me neither and apparently plastics in ordinary ones are best avoided too though I forget what the alleged connection to endo / adenomyosis is. Really pleased with NatureCare.

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