Should I still be in this much pain?


After years of difficult periods and months of chronic pelvic pain I had a laproscopy on Tuesday confirming and removing endometriosis. I have been resting well however am really concerned as my pelvic pain I had pre op seems to have returned. Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this? Will the pain go once I start some form of hormone treatments? I am seeing my consultant for a follow up in few weeks and hope to get answers then but in meantime I'm sore and so fed up. After being dismissed for so long I dipped into house deposit savings to go private and I'm worried it has all been for nothing. Finding this whole process a real emotional roller coaster!


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How was ur endo removed? X

I am not sure to be honest. That is something I should probably ask at the follow up meeting. I am getting the pelvic pain more on my right side and the consultant did say he removed endo from behind my womb on the right side... Just so frustrating. I'm probably being so naive to think I would wake up pain free.

My first lap 2011 the endo was lasered. I had 1 day of no pain then it returned. 2nd lap 8 days ago ends was excised also had top of Fallopian tube removed, a d&c & novasure. I've not been in any pain. Hope u get some answers at you follow up x

Thanks. Hope you continue to recover well. X

I had my lap at the end of April and it was only to diagnose. I was in quite a bit of pain exactly like you describe for over 2 weeks. After about 10 days it started to improve. they give you a good poke and prod when they are in there so everything is swollen and bruised. (I was so swollen I had to buy clothes 3/4 sizes bigger to wear for two weeks And they only looked)

Just give it time. If no improvement in 3/4 weeks then I'd go back to gp.

Get well soon xx

Thanks Sam that is reassuring. X

Hi Sam. When you say your endo was removed, then if this was by excision by a specialist endo surgeon then you can expect to be in quite a lot of pain, perhaps for a while yet. They will have cut through a lot of tissuae that now has to heal. Do you know what stage it was?

Yes, I agree - you might be uncomfortable and/or in pain for a while yet from the actual removal/gas from lap/organs complaining about being manhandled. Try peppermint oil capsules from health food shop - they made a remarkable difference after my surgery and are way more palatable than tea! Take care and take painkillers if it hurts, but much as I find codeine the best, it does constipate which can make bowel pain worse. Sending hugs x

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