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6weeks after Laparoscopy should I be feeling this way ???

Hi Everyone, I am new to here and I wonder if I may be able to get some advice I had a laparoscopy 6weeks ago my Ovary was stuck to my wall lining with adheshions these were removed and my ovary cut away from the wall lining and re set to its normal place. A week later I had two blisters either side my belly button due to dressings that's what was said so u was on anti biotics too :( I had a biopsy and endometriosis treated still do not know what stage as im due to have a follow up with my surgeon in 2weeks time I've been off work now I tried to go back but my body is not letting me :( I have a tight pulling sensation around my belly and by my rib cage its like the feeling of when u have a Chinese burn the tightness feeling of that I'm trying everything i can light stretching bending over to get things in the normal way but its getting frustrating because I just ache like I've been walking for days haha. I've beeb to doctors they have said my incisions have healed nicely so why am u getting this tight sensation I try and up my activity which I seem to do but when I sit down I'm so tired :( I'm 25 and getting so frustrated i just sit and cry at times please can anyone else recall this experience ???? Thankyou in advance for any replys :)

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I also had an internal scan last week and they say my uterus and Ovaries look good ???!!! What's this discomfort I'm feeling :(



I had more or less the same lap etc with you (ovaries moved, endo found etc etc) plus appendicectomy. Yes 2 in 1 !!!! :/

It is probably still the healing process, my bruises around the belly button came for the first time after 3 weeks (this means im healing very slowly) and until the 6th week i was in severe pain in my ovaries everytime i was doing something that needed a bit of effort.

while I was on holiday (after 6th week), everytime i was walking for a long time, i was in severe pain and bruised a bit around the belly button too.

The doctor said every body heals differently so be patient, it took me a long time to get it together too. I'm in 9th week now and I just came back from a few hours shopping. :) this means it will be fine.

Only if you think you get worse, go and see your doctor.

Wishing you all the best :)

Jo x


Just to add that my doctor gave me 1 weeks off and I had to take 4 weeks off!

it was impossible to heal so fast, another proof that every woman heals in a different way

:) x


Hi Jo, Thankyou for replying it just makes me worried as the docs look at me like I'm mad and should be healed by now :( I'm gradually doing more and more but it wipes me out still :( when I walk it takes about an hour and my belly starts to swell and the tightness happens Feels like a pulling sensation on my belly button and feels like something is stopping it when I breath in fully :( I'm so bubbly and its been an awful recovery and u just think the worse im a worryer haha saw my doctor yestrday and he felt my belly still feels tender not painful just uncomfortable and cramping at times does your back start to hurt too ???? You must be si frustrated 9weejs into recovery :( I really hope you can be back to normal ASAP :) Do u work if so are you back working ?? sorry the reply is so long I just feel like doctors and ny surgeon just don't care :( xx


Ladies im in same both had my left tube clipped in april and im 43 days over my cycle getting tightness pain in left side and back and boobs feel sore and im very tierd ,i had 12 days of spotting on and off from 24april -5th may doctor says thats normal after surgury .I cant be preganant can I ? Its only 7 weeks since opp


I have had this sensation, tight pulling with a back ache lower belly pain and rib pain all left side for a long time just found out I have a bladder prolapse same side I think, I had an adrenalectomy 4weeks too.


I've just seen u do work u were signed off I was signed off too for 4weeks then tried to go back to work was there 2days and u was an emotional wreck and sooooo tired ive been allowed to work from home how were you feeling your return to work was it difficult ?? Xx


I was back at work after 7 weeks, 4 weeks sick leave and then 3 weeks annual leave. So I was lucky in a way, cause i had my holidays after the 1st month.

And yes I'm back full time now, oh boy...first day i came back with too much pain, i was feeling that my ovaries would fall on the floor lol , but i got used to going at work eventually and im fine now from pain, just too tired. I still battle with endo and I will need another lap soon (cant wait NOT) lol

Yes one of my doctors wouldnt even listen and while i was saying about all these things you are feeling too he would answer "you are fine" etc. How annoying and frustrating! but the last doc explained everything.

And i lost hope about my swollen belly, still the shape its changed, i cant fit in my jeans... :/ lol

jo xx


Awww Jo, I'm so sorry you were off for that long :( I'm hoping to go back week after next which Will be 7weeks off really I get very tired to the point my arms feel like they are not working and u feel nauseous lol, if you don't mind me asking what did your last doc say ??? I'm so sorry you are still battling with endo did they let you know what stage you were at ??? :( Ohhhh my I tried to put some jeans in today and nope still do not fit :( so u know exactly how you feel back to the leggings lol I went out shopping and brought them in different colours haha just so I don't feel like I'm wearing same colour all the time and it feels I do wear something different lol I've even been drinking a spinach bananna smoothie once a dat it seems to help a little with the energy levels and is fantastic for the skin too lol so thats a bonus :) do u know when your second Lap Will be ???

Gem xx


The last doctor said that sometimes it takes a long time to heal, because a lap is a minimal surgery outside but it is still a typical operation inside, and when ovaries moved and many more things happened, the tissue of the body is still in shock and can take time to heal.

I was misdiagnosed with mild endo, but i had the same severe endo pain post op , the same exactly i had pre op!!! and they tried to tell me that it was all in my head..how typical!!!

I went to another gynae for second opinion and only from the lap pics and a physical examination (vaginal, putting pressure in specific places) i was diagnosed with severe deep infiltration endo in my right uterosacral ligament (tight low abdomanal area).... im lucky cause it doesnt affect fertility but it is the only type that causes constant pain no matter if it is my period or not cause it is trapped with nerves

So i will need the lap soon, probably in a couple of months, im trying now some new medication called visanne (or visannete) is progesterone type pill (has a hormone of progesterone called dienogest) and it seems to do the trick but it gives me the side effects of the hormones...how lovely! lol

Hey, i bought 3 pair of leggings too, in different patterns and colours lol

I will definitely try the spinach banana smoothie, how do you make it exactly? :)

Jo xx


Ohh wow, it seems you have been going through troubles and having pain constantly cannot be nice my surgeon too said to go on the pill but I've tried many pre OP and they never work I turn into a devil lol my emotions go everywhere and I feel really sick, have u done any excersize as yet ?? I've tried a little job but my belly felt really weird u opted against that for a bit still when I bend over to pick something up its still uncomfortable :( I really hope your next Lap Will be able too solve things for you :) and its fantastic ur fertility hasnt been affected :) unfortunateley I think mine has because of the endo as my tubes were not blocked says the surgeon they are okay I've been with my partner nearly 8 years and never fallen pregnant, So I haven't tried yet less protection at the moment as I want to be 100% healed before seeing if the surgery worked :) Haha its great to know someone like minded with the leggings lol us girls have too be organised haha :) the spinach smoothie is si easy to make I buy the normal packet spinach or baby spinach I wash it and put two handfuls in the smoothie maker chop up 1 banana and I would say 1/4 cup of milk or a little more to make it into the smoothie :) I suprised myself at how nice it is I've had one once a day for past week and my skin has a glow to it and I have stopped having naps during the day lol I still feel tired but managing not to doze off haha :) u can Google the benefits of spinach smoothie and u Will be suprised at all the nutrients it gives you also its very good in keeping your bowels moving too :) you can also add blueberries to it too or other fruits u can get other recipies on line but the spinach and bananna one is my Fav :) Xxx You have been a star this evening I keep thinking its just me being a slow healer or that there is something wrong :( Thankyou so much it has been lovely to talk it through with someone :) u should def keep in touch and keep me updated on your next Lap and u can do the same with my ever lasting recovery haha Xxx


And I can do the same was meant to say haha maybe I'm more tired than I thought I was haha Ohhhh may I ask are you back hoovering ??? As I was told to take it easy with lifting ect but now docs have said u can go back to normal routine ?? I'm still being wary though :) xx


Hey Gem

It was lovely to talk to you too, and thank you for your lovely words and advice on smoothies! :D

I am about to start some exercise, still not sure if it is going to be yoga or pilates or both!!!! :)

I just want to get stronger and a bit fit before my next lap...still hoping the next one will be a bit faster to recover! :)

Wishing you all the best and keep in touch :)

Jo xxx


Hey Jo, your welcome Thankyou ever so much for your kind words too and making me realize I'm not going mad haha I may try some yoga too as I def feel with not being able to move for a few weeks my Abs and core are really achy so I think stretching Will do some good :) I would say try those Smoothies they may work with you too at least it Will give you some energy too build up ur energy before your next Lap if that makes sense haha you too keep in touch let me know if you try the smoothies if you like if you want to email me on here an email address for you I Will email you in the week to see how you are getting on :)Wishing you all the best Big hugs Xxx Thankyou again :) xx


hi ladies

it's been 18 months since my diagnostic lap. I still suffer from pain and still get the tight pulling feeling in my lower right side. I too struggle to fit in my jeans or anything tight across my belly/lower midriff. I live in leggings and trackie bottoms and it really gets me down. I have a whole wardrobe of clothes I cannot wear!!! I am determined to get back in them one day but at the moment I can't see that happening :(

I am due to see an endo specialist but not heard anything yet..... I phoned my gynae yesterday after the end of another particularly bad week but apparently the letter hasn't been sent yet. frustrating isn't the word!!

I am really struggling with work at the moment and partly its my own fault cos I won't ask for help (they do know I suffer from endo) i'm too stubborn and independent?! lol. but I'm getting to the point where I feel somethings gotta give. I can't afford not to work tho as I live on my own and have bills and mortgage to pay.

sorry for the rant and I can't be more positive....just in a really dark place at the moment :(

on a lighter note tho I will be looking into the smoothies. I take aloe vera juice and st johns wort everyday, and I try to stick to a high anti-inflammatory diet wherever possible.

wishing all you endo ladies peace and pain free xxxx


Hi Lubylu, I'm so Sorry to hear that you are still in pain did you have any treatment in your laparoscopy ???I have Good days and bad days and still cannot fit into my clothes either, i feel like I've put on so much weght but cannot go to the gym as yet because my body still feels Tender, The Smoothies work just gives you a boost of energy and makes you feel a bit better I found pre op that Excersize made my monthly periods a bit more bearable , Please do not feel bad for having a rant its better to get it all out :) its so difficult wearing leggings and joggers that's what I'm living in too But I've also brought tights that's are a bigger size so they do not cut over my belly and have brought some dresses that flow over the belly so it doesn't feel Like I'm stuck in the same thing day in day out and different colour leggings even if you buy a nice top that makes you feel good to go with the leggings will make you feel a bit better :) I would push and push for your letter that's what I done to even get the lap hopefully it Will get sorted for you :) Things Will get better I'm sure of it we all stay Positive and help eachother through :) I really wish you all the best and please keep us updated and if you need to talk please we are here to listen too you so u feel better

Gemma Xxx


i had a lap last Thursday this is the second time ive had one. last time they went through my belly button and just above the bikini line, but this time the surgeon made 2 entrances through the left hand side of my stomach. instead of going down im gradually swelling up each day but im also get this horrible stich burning sensation just at the side of my belly button. its horrible and i feel it tighten and then the sharp pain. ive been having sharp pains up my bum, i cant sleep at night and im having dizzy spells as well as being exhausted. it hurts to wee and i feel like crap. i go away next week and im dreading wearing a bikini. i have noticed the swellings worse later on in the day and at night i just want to cry. i want my old body back asap.

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