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Still stiff and sore after lap 9 days post feeling low

I’m 9 days post.. still early days really. I thought I was super woman and by 6 days I went out and my mum took me for a drive and I popped to the supermarket. Day 9 and I feel stiff still. Still sore inside and just not 100 percent.

I’ve got another 2 weeks off work which hopefully should be long enough. I’m still swollen from the surgery even though it’s gone down a lot it’s still swollen..

Just feeling fed up with it all and feeling alone with the diagnosis / removal / and future of it all

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Yes I understand. I'm now on day 12 and woke up in agony again this morning - probably have over done it again. I had a 'good' day yesterday including first outing into town, went to the cinema, although I was nauseated during and exhausted by the end of it. I have to say, my absolute least favourite thing post-lap is being in the car (also taxi /bus). I feel every tiny movement, vibration, brake and bump! I'm convinced every car journey sets me back, and I don't want to get another one tbh!!! Like you, doc has signed me off for another two weeks. I'm going to try and be a little more productive next week if I can...mitigate the boredom and feeling down.

I hope you feel better soon.

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I think it’s easy to over do it I went out a week after my lap which was on Thursday and walked around the supermarket and I think from there I over did things now feeling rubbish.

I’m 10 days post which I guess isn’t that much in the grand scheme of healing as I’ve had it all removed so there’s done a lot of work in there.

I’m still swollen are you?


A bit but the swelling has settled down for me. I'm taking anti inflammatory meds which might have helped with that. I still haven't worn anything that isn't very loose though!

Yes, still early days but getting there. Taking it one day at a time.


Hi hope your ok dont feel down hun but easier said than done! Ive been crying to my hubby but he doesn't understand a d I think im getting on his nerves tbh ....

im 4 days post lap.. So bloated and swollen still and discomfort where the incision was made.

This was my first.. So didn't know what quite to expect as in recovery time. Have been signed off for two weeks.

Ive not made any plans yet to go out just walking to the loo is difficult.

Does anyone know how long recovery can take?

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I’m ten days post, still swollen even though it’s gone down a lot

It does get easyier each day if you keep doing little walks to the toilet and around the house

I just don’t feel 100 percent at all, achey and just meh and pain in my thighs like endo pains :(

What did they do during you’re diagnostic or removal? X I think recovery depends on what they did my one in October was diagnostic by around 8 days I was ok but this one was removal and a stay over night. So it should take longer to recover.


Hi it was to investigate where and how much Endo was present dont think anything was removed this time..

Sorry to hear your feeling rough..i do hope your feeling at least 60% Better over tge next few days x

My period is due today im really feeling it pains are all down my legs.and Emotional take care of your self.. Good luck and thank u for replying its so comforting to know ur not going it alone 💖xx

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Don't beat yourself up hun. Your body has taken a lot with surgery. A lap is surgery at the end of the day. Don't let anyone tell u different. Even a nurse said to me you have only a lap, what does she know!! Cheeky madam. It will take time to heal and you will get there. Be patient with your body. x

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I think that’s part of it, people go it’s only a lap so I’m 9 days down the line thinking I should be skipping around haha my last lap took about a week but that was diagnostic only this one they removed it all so the time difference would make sense. I think the way people under estimate it doesn’t help the whole thing


Need to remember it is major surgery. I’ve had 2 laparoscopic surgeries. I did too much and suffered for it. Drove 5 days after surgery and felt better driving myself as I could go at my pace and avoid bumps in the road etc. Short walks are good too though. Took me a good 4 weeks to feel better xx


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