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Heavy periods or not?

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It’s hard to know if your period is heavy as I just compare it to my own but if your experience clots, gushing feelings sometimes when your period and you think oh no , leaking through clothes, clots in the bath, red blood toilet bowel when you go for a wee / poo on your period..

Would this be classed as heavy bleeding?

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I was told by a nurse once that if you need to change your sanitary protection each hour to avoid leaking on to clothes then this would definitely be considered heavy bleeding. I had this for years without realising that this meant I had particularly heavy periods. As you say, you only really know what your ‘normal’ is xxx

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I’d say sometimes I do have to change every hour if I feel a gush come on and it’s like oh god change the pad now.

It’s hard to know what’s normal etc when you only see your own period 😂

I have severe endo at 28. One of my main concerns was always clotting. There isn’t a time when I change my sanitary protection that I don’t have a huge clot or clots on it. I can literally feel them passing. I also have mixtures of dark and bright red blood during my cycle.

I also read your other post. I think you’re exactly right that the pill can mask symptoms. I’ve read so many accounts on this. I think it’s why it comes on so sudden and severe for you because you’ve never really felt it before. Endo is excruciating!!

I am 28. I have endo so bad it scarred the whole back of my uterus plus every where else in my abdomen.. why? Because I didn’t listen to my body!! I was always told my pain was normal until I finally had spotting and was concerned. Other than that I was told my 15 day cycles were normal! I started my period at 11 years old.

On that note if you think you have heavy bleeding you probably do. You know your body. If your periods are different than they were years ago. Something has changed. We are not suppose to have bending over excruciating pain. I would look at my friends in envy as they’re on the beach on their periods having a great time while I’m in jeans lol!

Endometriosis on average takes 10 years to diagnose because women are told nothing is wrong. It’s time to listen to our bodies ... especially women. Too many of us are becoming infertile because of a disease we can fix sooner rather then later. Doctors just need to take us seriously!

I hope the best for you girl and I hope you feel better very soon!! Women are magical creatures. We can create humans .. we deserve to be heard!


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I was on the pill for 8 years so I guess even if my periods were bad I would never have known

I had anemia last year which I guess is period related.

Apart from all these other issues the first period issues stated with noticeable ovulation not horrendous pain but noticeable pain I’ve never had before. It’s more the fact I noticed it happening and just put it too getting older.

Then I got this back pain and really bad shooting pains during my period

Ovulation is worse then my period. Usually 2 weeks before my period I get terrible bloating/pain, painful bowel movements which most of the time can’t even go, feels like I’m going to start any day, but doesn’t come for another week. I also get back pain (lower) and sharp stabbing pains in my ovary area and shooting down into my legs. This is also a weird symptom but my butt cheek would hurt. Like a sciatica nerve pain. I couldn’t walk some days because of it. All of these symptoms I was told were because of my endo.

We’re still in our 20’s and yes I was blaming it on getting old too. Nope. It’s just your body telling you something isn’t right.

Honestly, you may even just have a cyst that could be causing you issues. When I had my lap last week she said I had numerous cyst on both ovaries which caused me spotting and made my pain even worse.

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