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When do you ladies have pain with your Endo?

I'm curious when you ladies get your pain!

I get severe stomach/pelvic pain and many other symptoms a week or two before my period starts and after my period ends. Or even at random. It'll just hit me.

Usually my periods aren't so bad but they're heavy with blood clots, even on birth control.

I get annoying symptoms at any time, like nausea (the worst), hip pain, back pain, diarrhea, constipation, bloating and dizziness.

I have my period right now and I'm so scared when it ends. I'm dreading it.


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Hello Msperie93. So sorry to hear about your ordeal with endo. I was the same for a very long time. Unfortunately it seems that endo goes hand-in-hand with those symptoms.

However there might be things that can help if you haven't already tried it. Are you on any vitamins like Vitamin C, Magnesium, Evening Primrose Oil?

Also invest in getting the book Endometriosis - A key to healing and fertility through nutrition. Diana Shepperton Mills Ma & Michael Vernon PhD HCLD. That book has helped me immensely to understand endo and how we can take adjustments in our diet to make our body stronger against endo.

I have changed and made some adjustments and I haven't had that pain or those symptoms now for almost 6 months and I had very bad pain before which also started long before and after my period and where I couldn't stand or go to work, and most of the times it was really heavy and very long... Sometimes stretching to 3 weeks long every time...

After Minera, hormone pills I had enough because it wasn't working and I did lots of research and decided I will go the nutritional way. So far it worked for me.

Hope you can find something that will work for you as well.

All the best.


Really sorry to hear your having a rotten time!

I get all types of pain anywhere from 3 out of 4 weeks, to just 4 days in the month... it really does change!

I feel you on the bowel issues though, I get the problems of switching from Constipation to diarrhoea quite a lot, its horrible!

Im currently on Norgeston which i take every day without a break, and find that i have a period roughly every 2 weeks, sometimes it may only be a bleed for 2-3 days and be really light, but then the next cycle will be hell where i am crying in pain...it really does differ!

Wish i could offer some advice, and say everything will be fine..but as we know with Endo, everyone is different!

If your struggling though i would suggest going back to your GP and seeing if they can offer you another method of contraceptive to try? (Im currently on my 5th pill!).

Hope your feeling better soon!!

Emma Xx


Hi most of my pain is around mid cycle my periods themselves aren't too bad except for lots of clots and then when it finishes I have more pain for a day or 2. I have just had another lap and have had endo burnt off my bladder and adhesions separated from my bowel wall on the right. I am now day 12 of my cycle so just waiting for the usual pain to start as I can't see it not as no endo was found on my ovaries.


I'm in much the same boat as you. My relief comes about day 3 of my period and lasts about a week. Ovulation time is awful and sometimes even worse than before my period. Generally 3/4 weeks I'm in pain or discomfort. The fatigue is worse the week before my period and the nausea and dizziness hits around then too. However, about 3 months ago, I started having Chinese acupuncture and the results have been amazing! It's regulated my cycle, decreased bleeding and boosted energy levels hugely! I haven't had it this month as I felt I was too busy to fit in appointments and I'll not do that again - the difference is huge :(

Might be worth a try - nothing to lose!

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I'm sorry to hear your plight and hearing others' story I can say I have been lucky. I only have the PAIN about 3days before my period and 4days after. All through my period I need to be on cocodamol & ibuprofen to be able to sleep or work. It's a nightmare and we all know it - all the best to all of us.


I can totally relate to you babe. Even though suffering with Endo for the last 11 years I still dread each and every period I have. I am always suffering with pelvic, back, rib and abdominal pain in some way shape or form along with other undesireable effects like yourself. Nausea, vomiting, headaches, bloating, dizziness the list goes on. There's not a day that goes by and I'm not in pain. Some days are worse than others to the point I literally vomit the pain is so chronically excruciating and to the point I can't even walk. The worst for me is the build up to my period, during and even like yourself after I've finished my period the pains take a good while to settle and become more bareable. I am on several different medicactions ranging from very strong Opiate meds, anti-inflammatory's, anti-sickness the list goes on.

How do you manage the pain of your Endo? Do you take any medication for any of the effects you sadly suffer?


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