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Is more severe symtoms related to how heavy periods are?

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Hi Ladies

Just wondering if more severe endo symptoms might be related to heavier periods.

I have seen that heavy periods are one of the symptoms of endo however I don't and never have had heavy periods. In fact my periods get lighter as I get older. I am 31 and have just been diagnosed with endo however I don't think that my symptoms are as severe as many other members on here.

I have had bad period pains all my life however only for about two days a month. My periods only actually last about three days a month. In the last year I have started bleeding before and after my periods but I would call this spotting rather than my actual period.

I started getting pains during bowel movements in the last 4/5 years which have got worse and can be extremely painful but again this at most is only 1 or 2 days a month maximum (severe pain). I have always had ovulation pains these gradually build over a day and can be very painful for about 1/2 hour. I also get pain during sex which can be severe but is more like a shooting pain that may last minutes maximum.

When I had my lap they found my bowel was stuck to my pelvic wall but was able to free it. My good ovary (one tube blocked) is also stuck to my pelvic wall and they wasn't able to free this. They also found some adhesions that may cause the pain I get during sex and this was burned away. One of my tubes is blocked and the other is ok. I therefore feel that this is quite a mild case compared to many other members on here.

I also haven't taken the pill regularly in my lifetime as it upsets my stomach. As this can be one of the treatments for endo again the fact that I haven't taken it seems that I have a mild case?

So what are your symtoms like compared to how heavy your periods are ladies? Is there anyone that like me has light periods as most people seem to have very heavy ones? Thanks xxx

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Hi, unfortunately there's no link between severe pain and how bad the Endo is. As some people have very little Endo but get the worst pain.

If your looking for some information I volunteer for Endometriosis UK and we have a great website with lots of information for you. On this website there's lists of groups you could attend or a telephone service if you just need to talk to someone.

Hope this has helped :)


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thank you gill xx

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If there's anything else you need just send me a message :)

Hi there,

I have quite severe endo and always had heavy painful periods (as well as other symptoms) but as Gill mentioned there doesn't seem to be any link. Lots of people can have really severe pain and a milder form of endo and vice versa. My sister just got diganosed (at age 39) and never really had any symptoms that impacted on her to any great degree. I think its more about your own personal experince and how it affects you day to day and it sounds like your symptoms have a pretty nasty impact on you. It does sound like you cope really well with it though which is fantastic.

Has your doctor mentioned a mirena to you? I found that the pill never really helped me and I always had problems with it but the mirena has really helped with my pain and my periods.

Good luck with everything.


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Thanks Trish

To be honest the impact isn't that bad really. Especially compared to some peoples experiences on here. Maybe that's because I am used to it as have had these pains most of my life. In fact my period pains used to be worse than what they are now. I did go to A&E once when I was about 18 as the pain was very bad. But the only time it is ever that bad now is during bowel movements but thankfully that is not very often and is better I think since my lap. I am taking the tristep pill now for three months as after that I am hoping to try for baby. Most of my pains happen during ovulation and period time so as I won't have that for a few months I'm hoping there will be less pain (so far so good).

My consultant told me that severe pain wasn't linked to how severe endo is but he showed me photos of the endo and I thought mine may not be as bad as others as I had a few small patches of endo where I have heard other people have there tubes completely buried and things like that. So I am wondering if less bleeding (lighter peiods) means less adhesions. Everyone seems to have very heavy periods though.

I hope you're not suffering too much xxxx

Not a problem. I'm glad to hear that it's not impacting too much. It took ages for me to get diagnosed so since I've had that and a good Gyno (snd the mirena) I can't really complain too much. I thionk I struggle more with the bowel-related stuff and my energy levels than anything else these days - think I've gotten used to it as well.

Good luck trying for a baby! Take care!


Thanks and you xxx

May I ask, do you have children?

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