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Heavy periods - medication?


So, work has said even though I have heavy periods (I also get horrible pains, another post) - changing a tampon and a pad (thickest ones) every hour for a few days, and bringing in extra change of trousers, I still need to be in work, I can't be off. Problem is gravity takes effect when I stand up, and my work is sitting so that itself doesn't help. When at home I know I can get to the toilet in time.

I was given tranexamic acid once for a heavy bleed that was the same but for 7 days. Is there anything I can get or ask gp for that will lighten it, and make work more manageable?

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Hi there, do you have endo as you may be covered under the DDA. if you don't have endo which I don't I too suffer very badly. Currently I'm on prostap injections. Although I had a better time on them last year thus time it's been different. Option b for me is cerrazette. I'm not sure if that stops the bleeding completely though. Do you have a gyne you can talk to about yoyr options? There are many different options. Coil, hormone pills injections patches etc. x

farahziya in reply to Boodie

I do have endo. Not sure whom / what the DDA is??!

I'm not keen on the pill; was on it for 10 years previously and it caused all kinds of problems. I'd much rather leave my cycles natural. When I talked to my specialist he asked if we were planning for a family; we said we will see. Apparantly that's not the answer they like!

I shall possibly ask my specialist again, I'd like to keep my regular cycles just have lighter periods, I think that's why they gave me the tranexamic acid stuff that stops bleeding.

Boodie in reply to farahziya

Hi there the DDA is the disability discrimination act which I think endo is covered under. Hope you find the treatment best for u x

farahziya in reply to Boodie

ahh I see. thanks :)

Look up Sheperd's Purse (in tincture form is best) to stop heavy blood loss.

I'm so done with the poison tranexamic acid. Eek.

Research N-Acetyl Cysteine, it's reported to be good for liver detox and for Endo sufferers.

farahziya in reply to Rupawan

Thanks :) I shall have a look at those

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farahziya in reply to Hidden

Aww :(

Yes work will allow regular toilet breaks, but if I stand up when on my period gravity takes effect and it all comes out in one go, so I'd need to take my whole bag with me each time I go to the toilet. If I'm sitting I can feel it, sorry too much info! so I'm worried I'll stand up and leave a red patch. It's happened before at home and at a restaurant, ahhhh :( even when I've been walking to the shops once.

I get dizzy and headachy too, which work says is just because of my period so I should stay sitting, which is all fine when I don't need to wee or change stuff but the headachy is kind of like I'm tired and my head feels like cotton wool, it's awful, I can't concentrate.

I'll see how I go with the tranexamic acid this month - as I've already got some, and will look into the Sheperd's Purse for next month.

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