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Hey need info 4 weeks post laparoscopy surgery

Hey jst afta a bit of advice again, i got a lap done a month ago & got the mirena put in aswell while in theatre, afta the procedure i was in a lot of pain & they thought i might have ruptured my uterus while gettin coil done but ultrasound showed everything was ok day afta surgery, i have been bleeding since getttin this procedure, gynae said there was evidence of Endometriosis & i have 2 large fibroids. My query is, is it normal to still be bleeding, its getting heavier, passing small blood clots & in constant pain now, not got my follow up till mid December but got an appointment wae my GP next week, i work in social care & finding its affecting my work. Is this normal, was blamin the mirena but pain is all over my pelvis & finding it hard now to do basic tasks etc, maybe jst bein paranoid but dows this mean i am reacting or have something wrong, any info will be gladly appreciated x

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Hi hun

Sorry your in so much pain

Did the gynae remove any of the endo and fibroids ?

I'm not sure but I think with it being inky a month since surgery then your probably experiencing hormonal problems as it's settling in as well as healing from surgery hun. Give it time it should settle down. See what your gp says. I hope you get sorted hun and the pain subsides soon xx


Hey he never said, was meant to be day surgery but got kept in 5 days due to the pain & infection. Gave me few leaflets & said come back in 3 months. I wasnt sure what's happening, wasnt sure if its a case of the coil bein rejected or sumfin i should be worrying about, thanks for replying,means alot x


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