Time off after lap?

Hey everyone. I had my lap a week ago yesterday and I'm still feeling exhausted.

My right ovary was fused to the wall cavity with adhesions which they took apart. Adhesions also on the rectual cavity(fit!) and endo over both sides which they got rid of and a dye test. The op was only meant to be 40 mins but ended up being nearly 3.

I was just wondering how long everyone else had off work post lap? The thought of going back to work after two weeks fills me with dread because I feel so sore and tired. Do u think I'm being unreasonable asking for another sick note for another week off?

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  • I have mine a week ago tomorrow and until yesterday felt I'd never walk down the street again! Take it day by day, today I got out, pottered down the road and am feeling tonnes better. Pain has gone from all over to very localised around the area they worked on. I seem to recover in jumps. Take what you need though, you won't get better as fast once you are back, everyone is different. Saw my GP for a note today to get me through to this weekend and she was willing to sign off 2+ weeks when I said what I'd had done so I don't think it's unreasonable to ask. Depends on your job too. I got myself off the heavy painkillers after a few days, they were making me groggy and constipated. Its a little sharper on paracetamol but I feel like me!

  • Thanks ladies. I've been out and about but feel shattered walking about and feel bruised. I think I'll see how I feel tomorrow. I'm a probation officer so it's the sort of job that once your back, your back and will be seeing offenders so need to be on the ball really. I don't think they will thank me for coming back early and prob be more of pain if I came back then went off sick again. X

  • Heck no, take another week or two! I teach 6 formers, can be little buggers but less feisty! :)

  • I had my lap on Friday and am surprised how exhausted I am. Everybody reckons I should be normal by now and I am due back to work Monday. I am very tender especially when standing and walking and feel light headed. I'm fed up of people looking at me like I'm pathetic, I'm clearly still healing and I don't even know what the surgeon did in there yet! ! Anyway my point is you take as much time as you need. The Dr will sign you off if u need it xx

  • So many people not getting feedback the day of surgery, what is going on!?! I thought it was awful last week when that happened! I spent all weekend imagining all sorts, once you talk to someone you can plan, whatever the news. Awful!

  • No. I'm on my third week off. Health comes first x

  • Whatever feels best for you is the right option. Everyone is different x

  • I'm feeling exhasuted too and it'll be two weeks on Monday. I called my doctor today and he didn't even bat an eyelid and said they would write me another note for next week. I'm feeling a lot better knowing I've got next week to rest. Hopefully I can start " getting back to normal" next week and having a bit of a pattern with my eating, sleeping and excersize.

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