The Pill and Endo

Hi Everyone,

I had surgery back in Feb and since then my pain has been awful all the time, which has effected my work and social life. I was most recently put on Provera 3 times a day where I experienced horrendous pain, breakthrough bleeding and bleeding from my back passage (sorry for to much detail!) since I've been taken off all tablets I've so far (touch wood) had no pain at all, I just wondered if anyone else has felt better coming off the pills? or if this is maybe just a good week, I'm panicking thinking the pain is going to hit back even worse at some point...

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I felt sick as a dog for months after my dagnostic lap on Mirena and then zoladex and stopped both. I feel better in myself but having just had my second op this time extensive surgery I have a real dilemma about whether to try a progesterone pill in the hope of slowing down any possible return. See him next Tuesday.

Thank you for your response. I've been on a fair few different pills as nothing was working. it just seems crazy going from taking Tramadol for the pain one week to coming off the pill completely to literally having no pain at all. I've been referred again to the gyno and gastro specialists so I guess I'll wait and see what they say. Its nice to know that I'm not the only one though! I'm worried that the endo may be spreading while I'm off the pill.. Good luck with your doctor appointment.

Sadly I am in more pain than preoperatively due to nerve pain. I think my Endo definitely kicked off when I stopped the combined pill after hubby had the snip 6 years ago. I get low mood and depression on it seems any hormone treatment. As there are suggestions RV is hormone resistant anyway it's a difficult call. Though I guess I should try as surgery is godawful too.

Yes!! I am the same. Ive been on various contraceptions for the past 10 years, some helped but some made the pain worse. About six months ago i came off everything and havnt had nearly as much pain! ( before i was passing out and going to a&e with pain) my periods have also suprisingly been much lighter but more irregular...still get the pains when im due on but i can get on with life and work. So happy ive found someone in the same boat

I'm going to see the specialist in a couple of weeks to see what they say, but super happy that I haven't got the pain as bad anymore, think my first period will be agony but can't believe how much better off I feel so far. So glad to have found people who are feeling the same! :)

I'm going through a similar situation and was looking for advice too. So I'm glad I came across this post. I've been on the pill for 6 months now. To begin with it helped reduce the pain significantly. However she past two months I've been in pain constantly breakthrough bleeding. I've been considering coming off it but I am slightly anxious at the same time. I have a docs appointment next week so hopefully they will be able to advise. Let me know how it goes for yourself being off the pill. Xx

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