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Post surgery fertility blues!

So I had my 3rd surgery in July I awoken to find they had to perform a laparotomy, bowel resection and stoma, and stents in kidney tubes.

So I'm just about recovered physically I only had this procedure as an attempt to conceive naturally to be told in hospital that it wouldn't be possibly due to scar tissue.

I'm now left with 2 options pay for IVF (can't afford my partner has a child) or pay for clomid.

Since I am post surgery and the removed everything visible I was considering having a go of the clomid the price tag is manageable for us.

Anyone had any successful outcomes from clomid following surgery?

My endo is the most severe

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I am sorry to hear your problems. I had many surgeries like your last with stints etc and was able to conceive naturally within 6 months. I later tried clomid but could not conceive again. Too much scarring etc.

Give you body a chance to recover and try to conceive naturally before med's and IVF.

My endometriosis and adhesions were severe too.

Consider seeing a Naturopathic Physician. I know women like us that have been very successful.

Clomid did a number on my hormones and made me sick.

Best wishes


I've already been to neuropathic pain dept and I've come off the medication they put me on as I was a zombie! We're going to try naturally and hope for the best I think xxx


I am in the same position as you, can't have IVF on NHS because my husband has a son and can not afford it, I went on the clomid for 2 years this was before I was diagnosed with endometriosis, the clomid didn't work all it did was make my Endometriosis so bad that they could see it on ultrasound stage 4 and things have just spiralled out of control from there, please think carefully before using Clomid as it feeds the Endometriosis and makes things a lot worse, we were going to try IUI which is £1000 a go but that is when the Endometriosis was picked up, please speak to your specialist about this before jumping into a decision that can make things worse, there are other options you can look into, good luck sweetie x


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