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Endometriosis total excision surgery and fertility

Hi, I'm new on here and feeling very confused, I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience to me and could give me any insight... I had a miscarriage about a year and a half ago following two unsuccessful rounds of IVF. Since then I've had an increase in pain and 'bowel problems' until it reached a peak last September and I was admitted to hospital, dehydrated and having lost nearly 3 stone in weight. After 6 months of gastro investigations, all of which were clear, by doctor finally did a CT and MRI and I've been diagnosed with Endometriosis, specifically bowel endometriosis. I saw a gynaecologist last week who was really unhelpful and just told me to take the pill, but this isn't really an option for us as what we want more than anything is to have a baby.

I've been looking at surgical options and we have an appointment to see a doctor who works at UCL to discuss this, but it's not until 30th March. I've found a doctor (who I think, having read some posts, some of you may have seen) who I can see at Harley Street next week and who operates up north near Leeds. He talks about this 'total excision' surgery and if I was to believe everything on his website he seems like a miracle worker. Has any one had this surgery? I feel really nervous of a long and potentially complicated surgery, particularly as I don't want any further damage to my fertility. My insurance doesn't cover this guy so it's a big decision. On the one hand I want the best and will pay if I need to, but I also feel a bit dubious about why no one else seems to be offering this surgery if it works so well?

Any thoughts/advice/stories you could share would be gratefully received as I'm feeling very confused at the moment!

Thanks :)

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Go to Nancy's Nook on Facebook. Request to join the group. Also join endowarriors.


Thank you, I have joined Nancy's Nook. :)


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