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Fertility/Pregnancy following surgery??

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Hi, I am new to this but wondered if anybody can advise me....

Due to go in for surgery no.3... already lost one tube.... has anyone had issues/success conceiving following surgery?? I've read that you'd be more likely to conceive following the surgery as you're not as stuck together...?? We have had no luck thus far and I like to be prepared for bad news....

Look forward to hearing back xxx

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Sorry to hear you're going in for your third surgery.

You are correct, however there are other factors involved in conceiving; hormone levels - if you've not already it may be an idea to get these checked - your GP can discuss these with you, or you can go to a fertility clinic. Not all issues are female so make sure your partner has been checked too - samples etc.

It may be worth asking prior to your surgery if the surgeon can check your physical fertility while he / she's in there.

You'll need a few months recovery for stuff to settle down - as you know already.

I'm waiting for my three month follow up to discuss my fertility and next steps (second op). No recurrent endo symptoms so far two months post op - just horrible periods as it all settles. We're not planning though, just seeing what happens - let nature decide, so probably slightly different situation to yourself.

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GreenPie in reply to luthien

thank you Farahziya... I did ask for this to be done before my pre op appointment but was informed that there would be no point until following the procedure.... I hope your recovery is going well... I totally relate to you about the horrible periods... I feel like someone's gradually filling my boobs up with cement 2 weeks prior.... so glad your getting the relief you deserve!!! xx

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luthien in reply to GreenPie

Yeah sometimes the procedure causes lots of swelling so they can't see anything once they're done until months later.

Periods are horrible things anyway!!

I know it's not much help at the moment but I've found that trying not to stress about the actual conceiving and just being yourselves, appreciating each other and being there for each other is the most important thing for our soul - I'm not religious just spiritual. What happens will happen, some things are just meant to be and some things aren't; even if the physical body is able that's not all there is to it - there's more than science can explain. Just be yourself, be happy, enjoy every minute of your life, be grateful that you're both there for each other, appreciate the present, live for the present and live in the moment xx

That helps me get through each day :)

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Kenny75 in reply to luthien

Oh reading this just made me cry.

Powerful words

I’m so sad at the moment as I feel another period arriving and my sister being 9 weeks pregnant and struggling to even have sex with my husband for the continual fear of failure.

You have a beautiful soul.

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GreenPie in reply to Kenny75

oh kenny75 I feel you.... it's so difficult to be around pregnant women an children... I have a large number of nieces an nephew's an I love them dearly but it breaks my heart a little everyday.... an then I can't be emotionally or physically here for my partner.... I just implode an can't process 😓

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luthien in reply to Kenny75

It's difficult.

I'm starting to get intermittent cycles where my LH levels are spiking but there's no increase in temp following, which means no ovulation :( and I'm 34, so I know how it feels when you see it just happen with everyone you know .

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GreenPie in reply to luthien

farahziya thank you for such kind words... I'm such a positive happy person... but when it comes to this dreaded beast I have nothing left just hopelessness 😔

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luthien in reply to GreenPie

That's how I feel; evolution means we should just be able to procreate but it doesn't always happen and then it leaves us feeling like we haven't succeeded in life.

But life is what you make of it; if we keep chasing our tail we'll never appreciate the world around us. So enjoy, embrace, appreciate, we only life once and our life is so short. Don't spend time worrying about something when there could be lots of other things you could do together to create positive fun memories.

What will happen will probably just happen when you're not looking, planning or trying, like everything in life.

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