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Bleeding after surgery

Is it normal to not bleed at all after your diagnostic lap? I bought a load of sanitary towels after reading on here that it's very likely that I'll need them. I just want to know whether it's normal to not bleed at all.

Sorry if I sound stupid it's just me worrying.

Also just want to add I feel so lucky after reading everything in the news today that I got my lap done within 6 months of my first GP appointment. After suffering from horrific periods since the age of 11 (im 19 now) I just thought it was normal until 6 months ago where I knew it was something more serious. I now feel so relieved that I finally have an answer.

I hope you ladies who are still waiting for a diagnosis can now have some hope and finally get one with these new guidelines x

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Hi, I wouldn't worry to much, everyone is different in there recovery, but if you are concerned at any point call the ward you were on for your surgery x


I only bleed a little after my diagnostic lap, so you're not alone in that.

You might find your next period is heavier. Big hugs xx


I don't think I'm concerned about it I think I was just expecting to bleed but I'm glad I'm not. Judan, I'm glad I'm not the only one that makes me feel less worried about it, thank you x


I only bled a little after mine due to already being on my period. Nothing to worry about


I didn't bleed after mine. A small amount of pink spotting for 1 day then nothing.


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